Wednesday, December 31, 2008

finally 2008 is going to get over

i havent being around lately for a long time. Yes i have been being busy going to bangalore every week and now tired, but again got to travel this week as well.
I got no expectations of this coming year, its going to be same like this year, only negative things happen and they may keep happening again in the coming days. so no excitement at all about the coming days.
Lets see what more fate has written, as that has to happen.
These days i have been seeing this mynah bird more frequently, yes i use to not believe in them before, but lately things keep happening that im forced to believe.
Saying goes like this:

If you see one mynah bird, it symbolizes sorrow
If you see two mynah birds, it symbolizes joy
And if you see three mynah birds, it symbolizes journey.

And lately i have been getting to see only one mynah bird, and the day has to go bad as expected.
Sorry cant end this day in a positive note. Bye bye 2008.
God bless all.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I am feeling sleepy...yes that too just 10 in the morning, that also after having fresh bath and reached office by dangling in that bus!!! But right now, just too lazy to sit and do any work also, thought will write a post to keep myself little bit awake!! But i dont have any topics for now. so thats all for now, will write something when i am pretty awake!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baaton Baaton mein

Following is a dialogue (in hindi) between moi and her cousin:

Cousin : Sabse achi neend kab aati hai ?
Moi : pata nahi ......mujhe har waqt neend aati hai...
Cousin : sabse achi neend dophar ko aati hai,itna acha neend aata hai, ankh band karte hi neend
aa jayegi, raat ko aisi neend nahi aati!!

Moi : sahi kaha tune!!
cousin : aur barah hote hi mujhe bhook lagni shooru hoti hai
moi : sahi hai, aur khyali pulav pakane lagte hai, LOL

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Being penniless

Since the trend of atm has started, I and my friend charmed one have been depending on these debit cards a lot and hardly keep any cash in the wallet.And this trend finally left us penniless one fine evening. We had planned up, that i would stay up at her place for the weekend as my folks would be out of town. So we both had to collect my stuff from my house and head over to her house and her dad would pick us up on the way. All planned and full excited about the weekend ahead we were going to spend by watching all movies from dvd and etc.We left from office and checked in our wallets, and we had just 8 bucks for travel ling in the bus for one way. So i had decided i will borrow the rest of the money from my folks while leaving the house. The bus was over crowded and suffocating, and the conductor never collected the money from us and even i forgot to pay him. We reached home, packed and collected my stuff. Searching and making up my mind about what to wear took most of the time, cant help!!!

After telling all the byes to my folks, we left the house.And got into the bus, thankfully we got seats as well, charmedone was busy talking on the phone, so she was in her own world.After the bus moved ahead, i realised that i had forgotten to collect money from my folks and there was no money to pay for the bus as well. I was all panicked, and called out to my friend, and asked if she had any money??? She looked up at me , little bit confused, and she was indicating with her hand, " no money gal!"And i already started imagining, now the bus conductor is going to insult and throw us out in the next stop, when i announce to him that i got no money. I was feeling horrified at the coming situation. I again digged into my purse, and was hoping that i get some coins atleast. Voila!! i found the 8 rupees which we had not paid for the last bus fare!! I was relieved.

But we had to take another bus to reach our destination, since we had no money left and the ATM seemed to be far away option, we decided we would take the rick, and then ask my friends dad to pay the rick fellow.So happily we hopped into rick and we had almost reached the destination, but the rick fellow refused to go ahead to next stop!! We didn't know what to make of him, he was stubborn and he told us to get down in mid way, and pay him. We requested him again to take us little farther, where my friends dad was waiting with his car for us!! But he refused, then my friend called up her dad, to come and pick us up here, her dad was insisting for the rick to come near him. In the meantime, rick fellow was getting irritated with us, he was shouting at us, to pay the money !! I told him, we don't have the money, you need to take us little bit ahead, then her dad can pay you. Some how with all the fuss, rick fellow moved, and her dad paid the money to him. My friends dad, was full prepared to have a battle with the rick guy, we some how managed to stop him.

After all the ordeal we had been in the evening, we just wanted to go home, so I and my friend were busy trying to open the car door. The next thing what happened, we least expected it, but i guess, all the bad things have to happen all at once only!!! So the same happened with us, CAR was LOCKED! And my friends dad had left the key inside the car, and the other spare key was at home. We were trying to think of new ideas, to open up the car, but there was no way.

Then again we took a rick to go to my friends house, left the car over there itself. We somehow reached her home, 15 minutes went in searching for the spare key of the car. And then uncle went back in the same rick to get his car.We both started feeling better once we reached home, and we got proper scolding from her folks and my folks as well....LOL!!!

And the following situations have taught us never to depend on ATM and to always have some money in hand!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Every morning

Every morning, i never feel like getting up early. I will be wondering how it became morning so fast, i had slept just few minutes back, how can the sun rise so fast?? every night I keep alarm for 6:30am.
6:30 am: Alarm rings!!! Unfortunately i never hear it!! So still fast asleep.....
7:00 am: I hear few sounds, some sound from the kitchen, so i never open my eyes, thinking its my dream.
7:25am: I open my eyes, and seeing the brightness, will be wondering where i am??
7:35am: I get up, still drowsy, fold my bedsheets, and seeing the time in my mobile, i go back to sleep for 5 mins.
8:00am: I slowly again check the time in my mobile, Oh great!! (telling myself, get up and move!!)
But still body refuses to budge, convincing myself for 2 more minutes of sleep and i promise myself to getup after 2 minutes!!
8:10am:A wake up call by cousin, screaming at me "You have holiday today??"
Again lazily i check my mobile for the time and then move myself out of the bed.
8:30am i am suppose to leave from house for office to reach at 9:00 !!!
8:12am: Full speed i brush, take bath, pray, eat my breakfast and pack my tiffin, soak clothes for washing and 8:45am i leave the house!!
On the way, i remember i have forgotten somethings!! So run back home, collect the things and run behind the bus!!
Somehow in my grumpy state i reach the office and as usual i am late always, and i take a oath that tomorrow i shall get up early, which till date i have never fulfilled!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Chaos only for some time

"Mumbai under siege" was the headline everywhere. Was glued to all the possible news channels, read many blogs ,articles on newspaper and even magazines. Everywhere chaos, then by Sunday atlast fresh reports flashed that the war is over leaving behind taj, oberoi-trident and nariman house burning. All terrorist got killed and one has been captured alive. News channels flashed tributes to those who had given their lifes for the salute to the brave soldiers and the brave policemens, who gave up their life so that people of our country can stay alive.

Next news flashed that the home minister has resigned and deputy cm of maharashtra has also offered to resign. News channel ran some debates on all this issues. But we as people of this country, our memory short lived will forget all these in few days to come. Dont glare at me like, now media is hypering it and every one is talking about it but within a few week, everybody will forget about it, thats the way our country runs, nothing of it will be mentioned in the news again, its just for few days.

No matter how we shout n crib about it, we are not going to get immediate response like George Bush did!! After 9/11 attack, no terror attacks have taken place in US, why so?? Our government is just waiting for another attack to take place, so that we can forget about this attack!! Today also, i can go to railway station carrying a bomb with me in the bag and roam about, no-one is going to catch me! thats the security in India, even after everything happens, we never learn our lessons.Terrorist knows that, so they have attacked so soon.

Now everywhere checking will be taking place, some in railways, some about tickets, some bags will be checked, its only for few days.!!! then nothing !!! after few months, another attack, some loopholes of security...there goes another bomb! we have excuses for everything!

Presently the politicians have resigned not due to public pressure of mumbai people. Its mainly due to high society people had died in taj and oberoi. They had to resign cos they couldnt provide security to the high class society people. And the deputy cm of maharahstra claims that "in a big country, such small incidents happen". Are these people really running our country cos they feel something for the nation or only money runs in their blood??? That even at this crisis, they have the audacity of speaking such things in front of the media. I want to ask these minister, if same grenade bomb was planted in their own house, would he be still saying its just a small incident, and it keeps happening????
If the same incident had happend to the middle class mumbaikar like the last train blast incident, which shook mumbai,i dont think we would be seeing any immediate reaction by the government. Its just the high class society people run the government, so they had to resign.

Such a act of terrorism should be condemned says the PM of India, but if it keeps happening repeatedly at this rate, i dont think anythign is condemned!!!.

Mumbai was burning, where was raj thackeray??? Sleeping in his house...or sending and teling his spokesperson to send sms through out that "raj thackeray and his people couldnt come out to save, cos of crowding" so people should learn a lesson now, and non-mumbaikars should leave the city cos its geting over crowding!!! what a cheap thing to say!!!
If he really loved his "amchi mumbai", he should have come out with his people to save the mumbai prestige.

All said and done, our anger against the politicians and leaders, wont help us. The roots of our system is corrupted, I think we need to bomb the politicians house or once again the parliament, then we can expect the government to react!!! may be im too barbarical in my action and words, but unless we act, nothing is going to change our india.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Taking snaps in the studio

I avoid as much as possible taking snaps in the studio, only when i am in dire need of it, i go for that. The reason behind it, is i cant stop laughing my heart out while the photographer is clicking. He would first say, sit very straight, don't hunch! Next he would say, move your shoulder back and sit very straight and broad! Now i cant stop giggling about it, Cos to me i feel i am sitting perfectly, but the camera man thinks otherwise!!!. Now when i think, atlast he will click, he will again command, move your shoulders little bit this side or little bit that side. then again, move your head little bit this side i realy cant stop laughing, its really difficult! okay now the photo is going to be taken atlast after so many adjustments, then he would say smile....and i would be controlling myself that i dont burst out laughing on his face. i take a deep breath, smile as much as i can and act all serious at the same time, click click is the only sound u hear next....and i start imagining how the snap is going to come out.....the camera man will request for one more snap and i have to stay still till that moment, click much for a snap!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

iTS finally OVER!!!

Yes i am glad its over, i mean to say CAT exam is over. i had been to bangalore for writing CAT ( common admission test). Only the name and its shortform sounds easy, else everything about it gives me the creeps!! yes we were trained to expect surprises in the paper. and the IIMs are real genius to create suprises every year (gosh they must be so brainy to confuse our brains and give us lovely suprsises!). Jokes is one conversation between me and my frnd

Moi: Its finally over!!
Friend: whats over?
Moi: CAT is over!!!!
Friend: And then the MAT returns!
Moi: Its sounds like superMAT returns to save me from CAT monster

So fingers crossed...waiting for the result!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

gOING to tRavel

Im off to bangalore today...will return on monday hopefully in full piece. Going for some personal work but will be meeting friends and hanging out after a long long time, hopefuly the plan doesnt fail like it always does for me....fingers crossed again!!! God bless all!

Monday, November 10, 2008

can a gal and boy be only friends( best friends) ??

Recently this question was put forward by my cousin to me, i had to ponder on the issue for a while before answering her. So here was my answer :-
Eventually No, boy and a gal cant just remain best friends, if not both, atleast one will mutually develop a "love" feeling towards the other. But may not realize it immediately. Its just once when you let go of the other person, only then we know the value of the person. Some may not agree with me, specially those who have close friends as either boy/gal. Yes there have being friendships where both usually know each other too well and they are not in love, but they remain "chaddi buddy" ( meaning -best friends). Eventually the society doesnt see them as just friends, they always make up some stories, even if two people are just having a friendly chat on the middle of the road. And then there are movies to be blamed, where they show that boy and gal cant be just friends..they turn into lover one day or the other even though they deny it initially. like for eg, kuch kuch hota hai, Jaane Tu ya jaane na......etc etc.
So the moral of the story by watching all those movies and even your parents watch them, they tend to be extra cautious if their child is spending a lot of time on phone especially with one friend ( of the opposite sex). Then lot of confusion and doubts in everyone think over many of you can actually say that we (boy and gal) can be best friends ???
Here i would like to bring out one more point, there are some extreme cases, wherein, the guy and gal cant accept their relation as just "friends or lovers", so they claim to the society that they are in a "brother- sister" relationship....they just feel brotherly or sisterly feelings towards the are they trying to hide their feelings by doing this or is something really cooking???

Sunday, November 2, 2008


yes yes i have decided i am not leaving this place and continue to struggle here itself. lets see after four months something may happen. so im not going to quit. cos i know i m going to regret after a while. Basically i dont have guts, thats all i can say. Actually being a gal, i have the advantage of staying at home, but still my conscience doesnt allow me to stay at home. So lets struggle for some months and keep my ego aside for some days... fingers crossed still cos i have one more new struggle coming up....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Decision and confusion time

it feels like a month is over since i blogged, but i think i jst blogged on diwali for the sake of blogging. Recently i have been out of topics.So didnt know what to post, and i didnt want to create one more meaningless post (already 2 meaningless post have been done by moi). so i didnt want to do that a days i only read other peoples blog and was thinking what to write for my blog. so other day i and my frnd venus were thinking that we would cut paste email forwards which we recieve as it has meaningful and funny messages. ( too lazy to write on any topic)

Now dont get irritated if u find this post also meaningless. Let me begin for now, a lot has been happening in my life, never assumed that things would change so soon. No no i am not geting married, its just i am going to shift to a new destination this time which i have always wanted to shift to but i fear the outcome of it, so there is still a confusion on that matter.

Shifting means i would require to leave my JOB, and my only fear right now is that if in the new destination i would get a job or not. These fear of being jobless haunts me (cos i have being jobless for almost 1 year), so i know how it is, sitting at home and thinking how other unintelligent people (morons) are getting jobs and WHY am I not getting a job?????
But shifting also meanns, change of my dentist, which would also be a big thing as i am undergoing a treatment.

Starting a whole new life in a whole new city, is going to be tremondous learning and it requires patience and sometimes you end up comparing both the cities( ur ex-city and your new city) and then you start regretting.All this requires a decision and then wait for the either flops or success. if it is a success, then you are all happy and extremely happy BUT if at all it FLops, then gone, then there is no end of regretting and being sad and upset and asking GOD "WHY ME?".... so being turning the tables this time again....cos anywyas life doesnt comes with guarantees, so until i take risks, i wont feel enjoying every moment of this decision making process.....fingers crossed..hoping for the best :) and i am sure my life will change in the coming months...only i dont know if its for the good or for the bad.....yes im trying to be optimistic but my nature doesnt allow me, so full scared....lets see what happens in the coming days.........fingers crossed still

Monday, October 27, 2008

its Diwali time

diwali has come, festival of lights as they call it. makes u feel wonderful cos u get to wear all new clothes n every house(every nook n corner of streets ) is lighted up, it feels wonderful to see the flickering light n diyas.Sometimes nostalgic about the past diwalis and some times make you think about the future events which are going to take place and change it to a new direction.
Im trying to think of a topic from many days but since i have been depressed recently i am unable to think of anything....still im clueless for a new i thought i will begin with diwali stuff and in the end i may get some new story to write about....but still i think i will end it over here.... so happy diwali to one and all....

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hardest Lesson of life

when you go through the sad phase of life, we tend to learn many new philosophy( i mean to say hardest lesson) on the way. well, you must have read or heard this many times but i guess it suits to the context presently i am going through.
Life is all about letting it go, something which you desire the most, no matter how difficult it is. Initially it will hurt but later you get used to the pain i guess ( we tend to accept the things the way they are, not how we wanted it). If it comes back to you, it was yours. Else it was never meant to be yours. Yes that's the hardest thing but one need to accept it.
Like many say, you cant possess it( it here refers to the object of your desire) nor can you hold it tight in your hand cos its like the sand you try to hold in your hand, and when you tighten your fingers around it, it slips through, that's the way life is!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

y am i depressed?

i guess i should list out the numerous reasons for which i am depressed? its better to list out, then i will able to sort them out according to the their level of importance. ( giggling ...)
  • my holidays got over too soon.( common 1 week leave is short i feel)
  • i felt sad for the 1st time, leaving my old destination ( which i had taken for granted a times)
  • decision to leave my job and search for a better job (stay back to my old destination)
  • should i go for higher studies??? (a matter of confusion or dilemma and it haunts me!!!)
  • how to get a good job with a lovely pay package?( which i would like to show off to my family)
  • Fear of being jobless again ( u know, i have being through the phase where i was jobless for almost 1 year and its not easy , mark my words!)
  • I am never content with what i have, always found the other-side greener!
  • now i wanna become an nri again (its a tough decision and well india is not making me happy anymore)
  • moving to Mumbai is 1 solution( but still i will loose my independence, you see my relatives don't let me move out of their sight)
  • Still single!! sometimes it hurts ( when you see a lovey dovey couple....i hope you can understand)
  • To add to all, i saw my ex-crush snaps with a gal ( i know, i shouldn't affect me at all, but it does break your heart, at least my heart!!!)
  • my stupid HR is coming over to the office for the next 3 months, so no more blogging, orkuting and chatting ( which has become a major pastime for me and my frnd)
  • wana cry my heart out but it feels stupid to do that ( cos crying makes u weak and it wont end my problems too)
  • make a decision....this all seems crazy but in the end, i need to make the decision and the consequences stops me from doing that
  • I have turned into 1 weirdo, i say so, other day, i saw my old classmate in the mall, but instead of immediatly waving "hi" to her, i went into the opposite direction and was hoping that she doesnt recognize me. I did so, cos i was not in the mood of interacting and pretending that i was glad to meet her( not that i have any grudge against her) but just didnt wana interact! ( yes u must b thinking...i am 1 weirdo but couldnt help!!!)
( i think this is the most ridiculous idea of writing down why you're depressed?) well i have turned into 1 see i didnt even inform my frnd abt me leaving the old destination. i know its rude. but i was too pre-occupied with myself.....

I guess this sums up all the reasons, i dont wana lenghten the post as it will sound more depressing!


well I'm back , and my holidays are over. And i am thinking of renaming this blog as "DepressedSoul". I am depressed with the way things are turning out. And as they say, all worse thing happen at once. same is happening with me. Like all, even i don't know my future, and I'm scared of the consequences. There are too many things running in my head, its as though they are battling among themselves, "who gets the highest priority?". Until i figure out, what to do next..... i guess i will remain depressed. Its fun to announce that I'm depressed but yes i cant show in my outward appearance that I'm depressed, its only for me to see and bare it, the hidden fears that creep into you and make you sleepless and hoping this would end soon, but it doesn't end over there.
Yes we all go through it, and as they say, that until we go through the sufferings or pain, we don't realize how important life is! So we need to accept the pain and sufferings and sorrows, all at once, Cos accepting it heals you in some way, but i really lack patience , so I'm not in a mood for philosophy, but solace and i don't think i will find it soon...

Friday, October 10, 2008

mEANINGless post

i have taken a leave for about 1 week from work.Already 3 days got over and 2 days went in travelling to an old destination.But now when i sit here and think of the 3 days gone, i dunt know how it went by, its jst a matter of minutes i say, you close your eyes and you open it in some time and you have landed in another world. But nothing has changed, everything is still same. im still the lazy gal i know, yes i havent even contacted my frnds here. just silently watching everything, switching channels in tv and you tend to wonder "why arent there any good movies when i take a leave???" But other than that, the whole day just flew i feel. and suprisingly i didnt even sleep whole day( like i usually do), but as they say, time never waits for anyone, it moves on.....and you need to move on with it else you lag behind. But we are not in some race against time, so why worry ???
its become a meaningless post i feel, previously i had posted the title of the post as "bEING alone" but after writing such crap and i dunt realise what im writing, so i have renamed the title to "a meaningless post"!
hmmmm.....days, im just hoping time stops by for some days so that i dont have to worry that my holidays are getting over without even me enjoying it....yes i agree, i dunt have to get up early like before and i dont have to worry about my work and how i look and stuff???? But yes, enjoying a holiday should be more fun i say. Not lazing around the house like how im doing right now??? but cant help it...a meaningless day has gone by!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Its easier being a gal than a guy!

In a country like ours, I think its much easier being a gal than a guy; I say this due to the following reasons
  • Guys can’t cry when they really want to, as they will be considered a weakling!!! (Men have this particular notion in their head…. that gals cry, as they are weak).
  • By the age of 16, you should have watched the porn movies, and you have got to be the most knowledgeable person in that subject (else you’re not considered as “mature” by your peers)
  • You’re expected to remember your gf bday without fail (which I think is a very difficult job as you see men have got many other important things running in their mind.)
  • Your shoe cost around 1300 bucks, that’s the cheapest I believe (I guess we gals get our whole outfit in that budget, including the shoe)
  • You dont like your sister having a bf but you can have one.( now common guys are being protective). I shall put it in better words like this, you love staring at hot gals, but no-one should stare at your sister..... (i guess, you forget that your own sis can be a hottie for others !!)
  • You’re always expected to give gifts to your gf’s even though you’re not earning. (5 rs rose will also do in the worst case! You should have lot of pocket money)
  • You’re confused between friendship and love…(you see there are so many beautiful gals to be friendly with and its not fair to be committed to one!!!)
  • You're GF has to be the most beautiful person and hottest chick else your not lucky guy
  • You have to break one gals heart in your life, else how can you make out who was better, the new one or the EX-ONE??? (Common guys too have heart, its jus they don’t know whom to give it to!!!!!)
  • Guys with a bike are considered very cool and a guy with a car is considered as a spoilt brat! (Now that’s not fair!!)
  • If you haven’t tried smoking and drinking in your life, then you’re not considered cool by your peers! (Now common even gals smoke and drink, even though its injurious to health)
  • If your not tall, then you wont stand a second glance from a hot gal!
  • If you haven’t got great muscle body then your not hot!!! (I agree, it takes lot of time and energy to go to gym for building abs)
  • And you need to pretend to be brave and daring always (at least in front of your gf, but common guys are humans too and they cant be brave always, right guys???)
  • After completing studies, they can’t sit idle at home! (You need to go for work else you will be considered useless!)
  • And yes, you can’t get married until you reach the minimum age of 27yrs. (else your not enjoying your bachelorhood or I can say freedom).
  • Even if you’re handsome, still you wont be considered the best catch until you have got money in your pocket! (Job in MNC & a 3 bedroom flat adds to your status)
  • By the age of 35, you have to get married even though you’re scared of commitments!!! (I mean committing to one gal) else you have to remain sanyasi for the rest of your life (it’s the matter of choice guys)
  • And after marriage, you can’t go and stay in your wife’s house for more than 3 days; else people get a doubt that you’re not earning at all! (Or you got no self respect)
  • You have to be the most understanding and caring guy, when your
    Gf /wife is going through her PMS (even though you find it very difficult to understand the pain of PMS) else you’re considered as a heartless guy!! (now common how can a guy understand the pain, when he is not feeling or going through it, it’s a very difficult task I say!)
  • And lastly if you are not earning as much as your wife spends, then you are not earning enough! (Common work harder and get more money its inflation time honey)
  • And you cant quit a job, just cos you don’t like your boss (you have got responsibility of your family & people are dependent on you)
  • And if you have not made it big (big here refers to a high status in society) by the age of 30, you’re considered as a looser by the society
  • And by the age of 50, if you still haven’t got a house of your own, then you haven’t achieved anything in this past 50 yrs! (And may I warn you; even your sport medals don’t count here!)
  • And if you have got a daughter, you got to protect her from the same type of guy you had been once!!
Now who says, we are living in a male dominated society? I guess, men are still trying to cope up with their role in the society, as they have to handle the burden of being a man, which was given to them by their ancestors!! So cheers for the guys, cos they are really trying hard…..

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Small things in life

There are many small moments in our life, which may never come back again but they still remain in our memories....some sweet and some bitter....but they become a part of you, as you move on with your life. Those school days, when my mom use to walk me to school, and i use to always think that some day i would go to school in "CAR". When my elder cousins use to write in "Hero Pens"..i had a big desire of using those pens for writing instead of a pencil. I use to write letters to the moon to come down and take me for a ride to the stars. Infact i had bribed the moon by placing some sweets with the letter and buried it under the ground, so that no one can else can touch it. Those grandma stories, whenever i felt like hearing one, grandma would recite them. Those ciggrate chocolates, hiding and puffing them as though we are grown up and behaving like elders. Kitchen set collection and those barbie doll houses, cooking and playing all the time. But now i seem to run off from kitchen itself, it gives me all the possible creeps. Those childhood days are the golden days, running around in frocks and during diwali, we have a competion who will crack the most number of crackers? Sharing tiffin boxes in school and sometimes running to teacher to complain about the stolen compass box!!! i guess we all never grow up. cant stop complaining now also....there are many more small things and i guess without them, we would never be complete.....

Innonece of Prishi

Prishi, who is just 4 years old, came running to the room where her mom was arranging the old clothes for sending it to the relief centre. She scanned through the room and found her set of clothes kept in 1 corner, she went through them and informed her mom, that she is going to keep all her old clothes in a safe place. Her mom was confused, she just gave a nod and asked Prishi what she would be doing with those old clothes? And for her suprise, Prishi replied by saying that she is goin to preserve all her clothes for her daughter......

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

wishful thinking

When I fall in love,
I want to be
with her always;

In happiness,
to smile with her,
and be the one
to hug her near.

In sadness,
to cry with her,
and be the one
to dry her tears.

When I fall in love,
I will spend my
every waking
and sleeping
moments with her

and catch each
moment in its
eternally lovely

When I fall in love,
I will miss her
the very moment
I say 'goodbye'

and my heart
will yearn for
the very moment
I say 'hello'.

When I fall in love,
all my old hurts
and pains
will seem
lost and
faded away

and I will be
strong and
once again.

When I fall in love,
I want you
to be happy
always, ever

and feel like
the happiest
of them
all . . .

Because that's
what I will feel,
when I fall in love,

with you . . .

i wish someone would feel this way about me

Typing mistake

Well this happens to those who are too much into chatting......and you dont realize it that you have typed wrong. once while chatting to a male colleague, instead of typing one sec, i had typed one sex....lolz....until then i never realized that "C" & "X" are neighbors in the keyboard...i hope it happens with everyone and not me alone!!! well i was embarrassed as the colleague didn't reply even after telling "sorry typing mistake". whats the big deal??? this happened with me see, always in a hurry to get things done.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Well..... too much forgetful !!!

Hmmm...well, long back, i reached a foreign country and while immigration, i found out that i didn't have my passport with me.....I rummaged through my whole bag for the fourth time , but alas could not find it...i went and spoke to airport authority and claimed that i have left my passport in the flight itself..well then we searched the seat where i had been seated inside the flight and it wasn't there....i was little bit dismayed and was hoping that they didn't send me back to India in the same flight....well i was expecting the worst to happen.....could be jailed for few months for illegal entry to a foreign country!!! Then the airport authorities were confirming if some one had stolen the passport from my bag, they had a big hunch that it could be the passenger seated next to me. But u see, i couldn't recall his face at all. But still the airport authority expected me to identify the passenger seated next to me, so i had to scan all the passengers but i couldn't identify him. Then i was left with no option other than waiting for them to take some action....In fact they even asked me if i remember leaving it anywhere, which i refused instantly, as it was out of question that i would leave my passport anywhere....... In the meantime, they had contacted Indian airport where they found my passport , which as i recall then, i had left it in the security check gate.... lolz...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

new 2 blogging

hey ! atlast 1 blog i have created, seems like a big thing (atleast for moi). it may seem so silly to u all. but from morning there has been lot of chaos between my hormones regarding this blog. its jst like entering into the mall in your daily wear and u notice that every1 around u are highly decked up. HAH!!! im new to all this writing stuff ...but hopefully im doing justice to the English language or atleast to the blogging community. D reason to start a blog was mainly eM, my inspiration and whom i have known only thru blog...god bless her. And another gr8 thing is , even my frnd venus has created a blog today !

More about me...
  • most laziest person alive as far as i know... :)
  • can sleep 1 whole day without getting up in between, i have actually done it.
  • Hopelessly romantic, which i say is really bad!!! but you cant help it
  • Short tempered and have got no patience at all, which i think entirely defines me, but my frnds think that its my major weak point
  • Friends are everything for me
  • Non stop chatting, can never get tired of talking and gossiping i say!
  • reading novels and sometimes reading anything which i can lay my hand on
  • love commenting on others, even though im not miss perfect
  • cant resist watching movies
  • wine is a savior for me
  • love carnition flowers, they are more beautiful than roses i say
  • scared of all crawling creatures...specially the snake and lizard
  • lastly insatiable, greedy for more, as i have got everything but still in need of more

Thats all for now, keep comin, promise i wil b posting more.