Thursday, October 2, 2008

Its easier being a gal than a guy!

In a country like ours, I think its much easier being a gal than a guy; I say this due to the following reasons
  • Guys can’t cry when they really want to, as they will be considered a weakling!!! (Men have this particular notion in their head…. that gals cry, as they are weak).
  • By the age of 16, you should have watched the porn movies, and you have got to be the most knowledgeable person in that subject (else you’re not considered as “mature” by your peers)
  • You’re expected to remember your gf bday without fail (which I think is a very difficult job as you see men have got many other important things running in their mind.)
  • Your shoe cost around 1300 bucks, that’s the cheapest I believe (I guess we gals get our whole outfit in that budget, including the shoe)
  • You dont like your sister having a bf but you can have one.( now common guys are being protective). I shall put it in better words like this, you love staring at hot gals, but no-one should stare at your sister..... (i guess, you forget that your own sis can be a hottie for others !!)
  • You’re always expected to give gifts to your gf’s even though you’re not earning. (5 rs rose will also do in the worst case! You should have lot of pocket money)
  • You’re confused between friendship and love…(you see there are so many beautiful gals to be friendly with and its not fair to be committed to one!!!)
  • You're GF has to be the most beautiful person and hottest chick else your not lucky guy
  • You have to break one gals heart in your life, else how can you make out who was better, the new one or the EX-ONE??? (Common guys too have heart, its jus they don’t know whom to give it to!!!!!)
  • Guys with a bike are considered very cool and a guy with a car is considered as a spoilt brat! (Now that’s not fair!!)
  • If you haven’t tried smoking and drinking in your life, then you’re not considered cool by your peers! (Now common even gals smoke and drink, even though its injurious to health)
  • If your not tall, then you wont stand a second glance from a hot gal!
  • If you haven’t got great muscle body then your not hot!!! (I agree, it takes lot of time and energy to go to gym for building abs)
  • And you need to pretend to be brave and daring always (at least in front of your gf, but common guys are humans too and they cant be brave always, right guys???)
  • After completing studies, they can’t sit idle at home! (You need to go for work else you will be considered useless!)
  • And yes, you can’t get married until you reach the minimum age of 27yrs. (else your not enjoying your bachelorhood or I can say freedom).
  • Even if you’re handsome, still you wont be considered the best catch until you have got money in your pocket! (Job in MNC & a 3 bedroom flat adds to your status)
  • By the age of 35, you have to get married even though you’re scared of commitments!!! (I mean committing to one gal) else you have to remain sanyasi for the rest of your life (it’s the matter of choice guys)
  • And after marriage, you can’t go and stay in your wife’s house for more than 3 days; else people get a doubt that you’re not earning at all! (Or you got no self respect)
  • You have to be the most understanding and caring guy, when your
    Gf /wife is going through her PMS (even though you find it very difficult to understand the pain of PMS) else you’re considered as a heartless guy!! (now common how can a guy understand the pain, when he is not feeling or going through it, it’s a very difficult task I say!)
  • And lastly if you are not earning as much as your wife spends, then you are not earning enough! (Common work harder and get more money its inflation time honey)
  • And you cant quit a job, just cos you don’t like your boss (you have got responsibility of your family & people are dependent on you)
  • And if you have not made it big (big here refers to a high status in society) by the age of 30, you’re considered as a looser by the society
  • And by the age of 50, if you still haven’t got a house of your own, then you haven’t achieved anything in this past 50 yrs! (And may I warn you; even your sport medals don’t count here!)
  • And if you have got a daughter, you got to protect her from the same type of guy you had been once!!
Now who says, we are living in a male dominated society? I guess, men are still trying to cope up with their role in the society, as they have to handle the burden of being a man, which was given to them by their ancestors!! So cheers for the guys, cos they are really trying hard…..


Aysha Parveen said...

woh!!!!r u doin a Phd in guys psychology...???are you really sure its easier being a gal???C'mon just think of our everyday stress...

Anonymous said...

i must say .... you have done a lot of research on guy's psychology .... three cheers for you ....

P.S. we don't forget our gf's birthday that easily .... thnx to the alarm in our mobile ... ;)

moi said...


hey im just showing one view of the otherside(way of guys) being little sarcastic even when im supporting them!so jst chill dear

moi said...

thanks for not doing any research, its just a common phenomena which we being gals tend to overlook a times and we need to accept our differences.....and lastly even you have confessed that you "use mobile phone" as a support for remembering your gf's birthday... :)

DPhatsez said...

As a guy, i really didn't know i had so much pressure on me :) lol!

your bang on about the job and status points though.