Wednesday, September 24, 2008

wishful thinking

When I fall in love,
I want to be
with her always;

In happiness,
to smile with her,
and be the one
to hug her near.

In sadness,
to cry with her,
and be the one
to dry her tears.

When I fall in love,
I will spend my
every waking
and sleeping
moments with her

and catch each
moment in its
eternally lovely

When I fall in love,
I will miss her
the very moment
I say 'goodbye'

and my heart
will yearn for
the very moment
I say 'hello'.

When I fall in love,
all my old hurts
and pains
will seem
lost and
faded away

and I will be
strong and
once again.

When I fall in love,
I want you
to be happy
always, ever

and feel like
the happiest
of them
all . . .

Because that's
what I will feel,
when I fall in love,

with you . . .

i wish someone would feel this way about me

Typing mistake

Well this happens to those who are too much into chatting......and you dont realize it that you have typed wrong. once while chatting to a male colleague, instead of typing one sec, i had typed one sex....lolz....until then i never realized that "C" & "X" are neighbors in the keyboard...i hope it happens with everyone and not me alone!!! well i was embarrassed as the colleague didn't reply even after telling "sorry typing mistake". whats the big deal??? this happened with me see, always in a hurry to get things done.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Well..... too much forgetful !!!

Hmmm...well, long back, i reached a foreign country and while immigration, i found out that i didn't have my passport with me.....I rummaged through my whole bag for the fourth time , but alas could not find it...i went and spoke to airport authority and claimed that i have left my passport in the flight itself..well then we searched the seat where i had been seated inside the flight and it wasn't there....i was little bit dismayed and was hoping that they didn't send me back to India in the same flight....well i was expecting the worst to happen.....could be jailed for few months for illegal entry to a foreign country!!! Then the airport authorities were confirming if some one had stolen the passport from my bag, they had a big hunch that it could be the passenger seated next to me. But u see, i couldn't recall his face at all. But still the airport authority expected me to identify the passenger seated next to me, so i had to scan all the passengers but i couldn't identify him. Then i was left with no option other than waiting for them to take some action....In fact they even asked me if i remember leaving it anywhere, which i refused instantly, as it was out of question that i would leave my passport anywhere....... In the meantime, they had contacted Indian airport where they found my passport , which as i recall then, i had left it in the security check gate.... lolz...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

new 2 blogging

hey ! atlast 1 blog i have created, seems like a big thing (atleast for moi). it may seem so silly to u all. but from morning there has been lot of chaos between my hormones regarding this blog. its jst like entering into the mall in your daily wear and u notice that every1 around u are highly decked up. HAH!!! im new to all this writing stuff ...but hopefully im doing justice to the English language or atleast to the blogging community. D reason to start a blog was mainly eM, my inspiration and whom i have known only thru blog...god bless her. And another gr8 thing is , even my frnd venus has created a blog today !

More about me...
  • most laziest person alive as far as i know... :)
  • can sleep 1 whole day without getting up in between, i have actually done it.
  • Hopelessly romantic, which i say is really bad!!! but you cant help it
  • Short tempered and have got no patience at all, which i think entirely defines me, but my frnds think that its my major weak point
  • Friends are everything for me
  • Non stop chatting, can never get tired of talking and gossiping i say!
  • reading novels and sometimes reading anything which i can lay my hand on
  • love commenting on others, even though im not miss perfect
  • cant resist watching movies
  • wine is a savior for me
  • love carnition flowers, they are more beautiful than roses i say
  • scared of all crawling creatures...specially the snake and lizard
  • lastly insatiable, greedy for more, as i have got everything but still in need of more

Thats all for now, keep comin, promise i wil b posting more.