Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tum Mile

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Perfect Groom

Don't worry this is not another reality show coming up on Indian Television. Traditionally in our Indian community, our parents selects the groom for his daughter, even today. Now what do parents look in a guy as to be determined if he is the most suitable groom??

The primary qualities should be

  • He should be a boy.( I mean to say, he should be straight and not gay).
  • Next He should belong to the same caste as well as same religion.
  • He should be earning very well.
  • He should be highly qualified.
  • He should belong to a very good family.
  • Horoscopes should match.
  • People who are Nri, mostly prefer Nri son-in-law.

The Secondary qualities are listed below:

  • He should respect elders and promise to keep the daughter like a princess.
  • He should not have any bad habits like Drinking or Smoking.
  • He should have his own house.
  • And in some case, if he has a sister, she should be already married off.
  • He should be very good looking. (this is very rare, but sometimes it can be a priority)

I think I have listed almost the main points, rest you can add your own qualities in this list.

Now the issue is, if the gal is in love with a boy, parents are never able to accept it.I guess the parents feel their Right to select the best available groom in the market has being snatched away from them. Moreover,the boy doesn't have One of the primary qualities (those listed above) in him,even if he has the rest other qualities matching. What would you do in such a tricky situation? Don't tell me those filmy ideas of DDLJ, now a days parents are more smart. I know some would say that convince your parents about your happiness and damn the society, but does it really convince them ??? Some where deep down, the gals feels guilt for hurting the parents. Even I would say convincing is the only option available but in extreme cases, that doesn't work too, even if they love their daughter too much.

I am not blaming the parents, but atleast they can be accommodating. Some parents start their emotional attyachaar (I mean to say,start sobbing and making you feel guilty) and some resort to anger management. But how much can the parents guarantee that the marriage would be successful even if it was an arranged marriage with their so-called perfect groom?? Even love marriages has their pros and cons but at least its reasonable cos in the end it was your decision and you knew the other person perfectly before getting married. In life,nothing comes with a guarantee card, only we can try to work out the relation.

All said and done in this tension atmosphere, in the end, one of the party ( either the gal or the parents) gives up their stubbornness to make the other person happy.

Well everything has an ending, some happy and some forcedly happy.

I really need a feedback on this issue from every one, whoever reads it, what would you do in such a situation? will you cause the pain or bear the pain ?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Living in a virtual world

Recently I have being fully hooked onto social networking site called facebook. Now you must be thinking, whats the big deal about that? now everyone is into social networking site, be it orkut, hi5 or facebook. Let me tell you, around 2007 I had joined facebook but found it so very confusing, with so many things happening at once, that I decided not to use it at all. Infact I never used it until last month. I decided to give it a try again. But like many, I don't use it for keeping in touch with friends, but for playing games. Yeah I am full time playing farmville, fishville, word challenge and mafia wars.Now all of these games are actually silly ( atleast in my opinion). But somehow the excitement to gain more points and purchasing power, I feel elated. I know its silly, but really once your an addict, its difficult to get rid of an addiction. So In facebook terms, I am now a virtual farmer,virtual fisheries owner and an underworld mafia Don. I keep playing word challenge inorder to reach the 10,000 mark, hopefully I will reach it by this year. I hardly scrap or comment any one or should I say, leave a message on their wall in facebook, cos I am so hooked on with my silly virtual games.

Frankly speaking I don't like so many changes in my life, but if I think otherwise, If changes don't take place, life would become too boring!! what you say guys and gals??

Monday, November 30, 2009

You are the darkness in the night....
.... which comforts me into sleep even in troubles.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

This soul has become lazy

Yes you’re reading it right. You already knew that anway, I was lazy before but now Miss Insatiable Soul has gone tired of not getting what she wants in life, so she has started more becoming lazier day by day. She doesn’t even want to get up from her sleep, cos she has to go for bath daily, which is really a tiresome activity according to her. She doesn’t blog much cos she feels lazy to type down everything. She wants an automatic laptop which will detect her feelings and type it down and post it on blog without making any spelling mistakes.!! Hehehe .

She has being infact thinking about renaming the blog to “The lazy Soul”. And hopes that there are no other lazy souls like her who feel even more lazier to leave a comment on such a useless topic

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I can't seem to write!!!

Hmmmm well I am writing the above title so that I will be able to publish this post before I change my mind again. I rarely visit my own blog. Seldom I think of writing a new post. But it just remains a thought in my small little memory. Past few days, I have had ten to fifteen topics to write about , during those sleepless nights. But next day, It all seems vague, which ultimately results in "no post"! I have had thousand reasons for not writing a post but now they all seem useless.I use to type the Title and then just loose the interest to write,it happened so many times, I don't know why.

I can't believe it!!! I have typed in so many sentences in a matter of 15minutes, may be the title has really helped me out. Or else I would be again lying around thinking why I haven't being able to publish a post!! Hope I haven't bored you with my silly ramblings, its just a phase which I need to move on.....

Life is special and we can mold it as we want.I use to believe that happiness lies in getting those big things which we really want like job,money and etc etc. But happiness is just above that, may be I can't explain it. Its just something I have felt these days. Happiness is just around the corner,one needs to just look around.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Marriages are made in Heaven

We all have heard the above title saying, though some believe it. I believe that god has made some one special for all of us, but we get married to them only or not is decided right here, on this earth. what say bloggers??I would like to know your opinion too.

And since the talk of marriages are going on, I am going to enjoy Rakhi's Swayamwar today in Ndtv Imagine,by sitting at home itself. Whatever every one has to say about her, I would say, it takes lots of sheer guts to go out in television and choose a husband for yourself. She is creating history. I respect her sheer courage and wish her good luck.

And yes I am still continuing my job hunt and getting depressed at home so can't bring myself to write something. So reading lot of books these days to occupy my empty mind. Take care and Happy friendship week for all.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sigh of Relief

Hello friends,
Its being more than two months since i last wrote a post. I have endless reasons for it, just got Internet at home last week, then there has being no "MOOD" to write (giggling), I seem to have forgotten how to write a post as well, but there are million interesting things to write about as I was missing from blog villa for a long time. And yes I haven't forgotten my promise of visiting your blog.I was busy with my cousin sis wedding and other functions in the house, then the job hunt is still on, then the trip to shirdi and lastly engrossed with my serials and coping with rainy weather of mumbai. Life has a come a long way, with new friends and relations to be kept up and those which are far off, missing old friends, specially "charmed one"- who is now happily married and settled, who use to mostly act as my content editor before posting a post in this blog. I will write a more meaningful post in another two weeks as I am really tired after writing this long post. I can take a sigh of relief that I was able to write this post in this gloomy weather and with my mood swings. Take care and god bless all of you.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Most of you already have guessed the answer by now as every one of you already recieved the forwards. But this is for those who havent still figured it out.
You should sing the HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG!!

Its the worst PJ i have recieved it yet. Still there are many who can come up with more sillier PJ!!

Its election time in Mumbai and most of the other cities. I am getting bored sitting at home, already missing going to office. Its hard to leave something for which you have tried the most to get it. But hopefully i will get another one soon enough, so I am trying to be calm and cool for the time being and praying to the almighty.

Take care guys and gals. Will try to post something more sensible next time and I will surely visit everyone blog before my next post. Sorry for the delay.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Four liquid stages of life

I don't have anything to post today, so I decided I shall share this email which I have received from a friend. This images says it all, I don't need to explain more on it. Most of you must have already got the forwarded email. But this is for those who haven't already seen it.

Don't you feel its so true?? (atleast for some)

Lately I haven't being writing any post. I and my friend have being busy solving puzzles, now I have become so puzz addicted ( I mean puzzle addicted) . Till date, I haven't being able to solve this one puzzle . It looks so simple and easy. But each time you try, you end up being still lost!! Its fun and crazy. Atlast after trying for so many days, I reached to the conclusion that this puzzle doesn't have a solution, Funnily there are proofs regarding this puzzle saying "why it can't be solved"!!! It seems it can be solved in 3d version but not in 2d version!! So if you guys are interested, please do try and let me know.

And this puzzle is for those people who think they are very clever (Okay okay I know another forward which I received )
Imagine you have been tied hanging on a tree with a rope anchored on the ground, a candle is slowly burning the rope, and the lion is waiting for you to drop and be his lunch.
Your survival hinges on the rope staying intact, there is no one around to help you. The only possible way is to somehow convince the lion to BLOW the candle out. How do you do that?

Think First!!
and scrap me the answers

I shall post the answer tomorrow, so no cheating!!!

Take care till then!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Silly Stuff

Scoreboard flashed my name “Rhea I love you” in the cricket stadium. Then I can hear my name being called upon by the commentators. And then I hear Josh asking me to come down to the ground. And then the scoreboard goes with the message “Marry Me”, I want you to be mine forever.

Viola I was surprised and was very happy he chose this way to propose me. That also in the middle of 2000 spectators, and international cricket players waiting for their game to begin when Josh would be done with his proposing stuff!! Every one is looking for Rhea, commentators ask Rhea to walk towards the ground. I am little bit nervous with all this chaos and drama being unfolded over here. I walk towards the ground and I hear a loud roar of clapping and thunderous “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOvvvvvvvv” sounds. And I hear few gals’ comments as I pass by them, she is so lucky and he is so romantic. And I run towards Josh without wasting any time.

He says “You know those three words, I have being saying it every day and night, to be precise from 365 days now. And I say again I love you and I want you to be mine forever”. Will you be mine?? Marry me and I shall make all your dreams come true!!

I didn’t know what to say, the whole atmosphere cheered, say yes!! say yes!! And I smiled and said yes to him and I hugged him. I can’t believe its happening with me, this use to happen in English movies, not in real life, and not in India. But here is Josh making all my imagination come true. And the whole crowd cheered, we moved out from the ground and all the players wished us good luck too. It has being the best moment of my life.

Surprisingly I hear my cell ringing and I cant figure out where it is at the moment, I can feel it under my feet, I pull it up and pick the call and I hear Josh voice on the other end, and I look around myself with disbelief and there is no Josh next to me, nor I am in the stadium, I am in the bed. Oh gosh!! I have being dreaming. Meanwhile, I can hear Josh screaming on the phone asking me if I am alright, it took me a minute or so to come back to reality and gladly narrated it to Josh. Josh happily mentioned that morning dreams really do come true. I hope they do come true if they are so beautiful and lovely.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Random ramblings, Tidbits, elections and Untold Stories

Knock Knock!! Where are you gone??

Anybody in house?? Missing from a long time!!

My reply: Yeah I am here and was hibernating in this summer, waiting for the prince charming to arrive. Couldn’t help, I seriously couldn’t write anything in such a long time. Call it the "laziness" or “love is in the air” factor, that everything else seemed less important. ( Giggling with guilt ).

So elections are coming up and it looks like, everyone is playing dirty this time. Every one is either hurling accusation at each other or self-praising themselves or their own so-called party. But the biggest surprise was from Mulayam Singhs Samajwadi Party’s manifesto, which stated, “No English and No Computers”!! Watching the news, I was laughing so hard, that some people around thought I am watching a laughter show or something. Common isn’t it funny? How can you have such a manifesto?? But after all we are in India, and anything is possible here, if we let the leaders make the rules and as it is they are playing by the rules of the money. In mumbaiya language if I say, “Sab Kuch Chalta hai, yeh hai India meri Jaan”!!

Enough about politics of our country, we will know soon enough, who is going to lead our country in the coming months, so guys and gals, who have the power of voting, please go ahead and vote as every single vote counts, and it does make a difference. Visit each parties manifesto and choose the right leader, its all upto us now.

By the ways, I forgot to inform you all, the untold stories met with a new twist recently, yeah yeah, it has become like one Ekta Kapoor serial. Sneha realized how egoistic she had being and begged naveen for forgiveness. Naveen being the good sweet boy has readily accepted her and they are singing songs “kitni mohabbat hai….kitani mohabbat hai…..” Now Sneha is waiting for a perfect opportunity to talk with her parents about Naveen, so that they can fulfill their dreams together. Will let you know soon, if their parents agreed or not!!! So for time being, please pray for them. But one thing is for sure, like SRK dialogues:

Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho

to poori kaynath use tumse milane ki koshish main lag jaati hai.

Hamare filmon ki tarah

hamari zindagi mein bhi

end tak sab kuch theek hi ho jata hai

aur agar theek na ho, to woh The End nahin.”

See how Naveen's wish came true. So friends, picture abhi bakhi hai. Wish for something you have always wanted, and guess what, sometimes the wish does really come true. And guys I shall drop in every ones blog soon. And by the ways, I am quitting from here and moving to Mumbai. I know its recession time and all that, but seriously I need to move. I am taking a risk. If we really want something in life, we need to take a risk. So wish me good luck!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

tHE Untold Story - Part V

Dear guys and gals,
Following is a page from Sneha's diary. I know the story has ended, but I needed to present perspective of both the side,then you can decide ultimately! We all have love stories, but its upto each of us to complete it or let it be incomplete.

Scribblings from Sneha's Diary

I feel guilty hurting him, though I love him, I can’t accept him. I don't know how to explain this, call it my ego or selfishness. But I always needed a man who is as qualified as me. He is not even a graduate.

Now I have stopped talking to him. Every two hours, I glance at my cell, hoping to see a message or call from him. I think it’s good this way, No messages, No calls. Just a brief silence, as though the moment is hung.

The problem is, he is very nice and adorable, every gals "dream guy" I would say.In fact he even agreed not to keep in contact, after I stated my reasons for not accepting him. Deep down somewhere, he hopes that I will come back to him. When we parted ways, both cried because the pain is caused by me and not any one else. I am guilty. Sorry seems to be a small word but I hope it can reduce the pain I have caused him. Initially he resisted, but I convinced him that tomorrow will be more painful because of my ego.

I can't seem to understand how he loves a gal like me who is so ego-centric?? Strange are the ways of love or I should say, love is complicated subject, the more you dwell on it, the more you seem to be lost. There is no right or wrong here, it’s only what you feel counts.

I am confused because I don't want to hurt him tomorrow. What if tomorrow after marriage, I introduce him to my friends saying he is a graduate when he is not?? wouldn't it hurt him?? It would be very unfair to him. The whole thing will shatter down.

So I ended it!! so that he won’t be more hurt by my selfishness!!

He says he won’t hate me for what I did to him. Because I have being always special to him and will remain the same always. At least if he hated me, it would be much easier for both of us. I wish things were different. Forgive me Naveen.

Who can say when heart sighs?
-----Only Time
Who can say when heart cries?
-----Only Time
-from Sweet November

Thursday, March 19, 2009

tHE Untold Story - Part IV

Hey guys and gals,
On request of my friends and bloggers, I am posting the part four of Untold series.I am not quite sure, how long these is going to be continued. So for time being, here is the fourth part.Those who haven't read, here is the first, second and third part.

tHE Untold Story - Part IV

Sneha greeted me when I came home. She seemed to have gained lot of weight and looked even more cuter. I never thought she would speak to me. But here she was, joking on my weight and color. I was quite happy.

Gradually we spoke a lot but this time not on phone; it was face to face, as I had always dreamed of. Sometimes she used to speak non-stop and I use to be lost in seeing her cute face. My days began with her and ended with her.

I asked her out, she readily agreed. Some times for lunch, sometimes for movie, shopping or would just end up in beach. She complained non-stop about her complexion becoming dark in the beach. It was heartwarming to see her beside me. I was content with my life. I couldn’t ask god for more. I loved her more than ever.

Eventually it turned out, that she loved me too but she had some problem in accepting me. She mentioned the reason. I understood her problem but who will make my heart understand?? It’s difficult to let it go but she begged me to understand, so I tried to let it go. The pain was inexpressible. Initially I couldn’t control my feelings and I would end up messaging her or calling her. But this time, she replied harshly.

I was numb by what she said, initially it hurt but I understood her reasons. I don't hate her; I don't think I can ever hate her. She is special for me. I love her and for her sake, I had to let her go.

She says that it’s the best for both of us. I could never deny her anything. I am left with memories, so I will cherish the moments which I have shared with her. I am back to my work place.I can only pray that she comes back to me.

I miss her.


P/S : Last part would be from Sneha.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Guys and gals, after the showers of award from my friends in the blog, I have being interviewed by Ghazala Khan from Pakistan Spectator. You can read it here

Weekend is here, and I am waiting for 6pm to go home!!! Everyday at 9am, I start looking at the watch for it to become 6pm but the time seems to have stopped by.
So happy weekend guys and gals!!

Thank you for showing your love and support.god bless all and love all.take care and don't forget to give jaadu ki jappi (hugs)to your loved ones.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Friends Award

Seher is being in my blog again and this time she extended a hand of friendship and I was overwhelmed. Though I have known her only through her many blogs and each blog of hers, has a different story to tell altogether. I want to meet her in person for sure as she is truly a goddess of love.

I don't have more words to tell, cos in Friendship, NO THANK YOU, NO SORRY ----- Shahrukh khan style!!! Just Friends

Okay Now time to extend my friendship hand to 9 other people.

Charmed One: As the name says, she is really a charming gal!!! need I say more than that?? She is damn sweet and encouraging.

Lancelot :Handsome dude, he claims to be the next Brad Pitt, He can make me laugh even when I am in a melodramatic state!!

Mayz :His words are enough to melt you down (especially the ladies), Sigh :) He is a bf material indeed!!

Keshi : Really a wonderful person,She is very passionate about whatever she does.

Suresh : His words have been encouraging and guiding me when I was lost in this tiny little earth, wallowing in my self pity.

Hope: Hope is indeed beautiful, I cry and laugh at the same time, reading her blog. Its a pleasure indeed, worth reliving each moments.

Ayushi:She claims to be 14, though I don't believe, she can become my elder sister in writing and portraying emotions.

Chriz: Dude, This guy rocks!!! Humorous and senti types (not sentimental), Can make me smile anytime :)

Nehya: She is new to me, yet somehow there has been a untold bonding which I share with her.

Akansha : aHA the tadka gal!! She sizzles at what she writes!!

I love all of the bloggers who are in my blog list and each one of them are special and unique in their own ways!! Forgive me if I have not mentioned you here, but you know, I like you too :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Me, My Tens and a Cute Award

Charmed one has weaved her magic yet again and here I am bestowed with the cute award for the boy stories in my blog.So I have to share this award with the boy as well. Now don't ask me who is the boy!! Thank you so much Charmed One, its very special to me!!

Now after the excitement has cooled down, the most difficult part is to write 10 things about MY self, its remind me of my essay written in first standard about myself.
My name is .....
I am studying in first standard.
My fathers name is ....
My school name is .....
I live with my mother, father and grandparents.
I love my parents.
I love my school.

That use to be so difficult back then and now its sounds more funny too.
Now also, to write about myself is going to be the difficult task, so bear with me people.I am very bad in praising myself. I cant remember when I praised myself last.I think I have to take training from Lancelot for self praising.just kidding!! Okay here the tensome about me :

1)I just love watching movies, any movies, Sometimes I wont be knowing the language itself.And if the hero is cute enough, then I just watch it.

2)I don't eat rice. Yeah don't ask me the reason. I stopped after I finished 10th. Any places I visit in India,all the relatives and family friends look at me annoyingly and sadly," oh you don't eat rice!!"

3)I get angry at the drop of a hat, yeah very sensitive,anger is on tip of my nose. I must say,angers next definition must be me!!

4)My hair is curly, very very curly, that I just wish they were as straight as noodles!! When I was small, There use to be a poem in kg, called "chubby cheeks"!!I use to think, that the poem was made for me, as I had chubby cheeks,dimple chin,curly hair,very fair, though my eyes were black.!!!

5)When I am with my close friends, I can be a non-stop chatter box. Need to gossip about everyone, even the person whom I have just met in lift, would be under my scrutiny!!! (devil in me, cant stop praising nor criticizing, even though I am not miss perfect)

6)I read lot of romantic novels.On the eve of my board exams, I was hooked up by one of these novels, just to keep myself awake.

7)I am another fan of Hindi TV serials, call me the typical saas-bahu mentality,I love the drama and suspense and yes I used to like ekta kapoor serials, now I have got bored of them. Though I don't like the reality shows like Indian Idol and other singing competitions. I prefer roadies, big boss, splits villa etc etc.

8)And I am a big fan of Enrique Iglesias. He is the man whom I would always wanna meet.I just love his voice, even though some don't like it. I find him irresistible. ;)

9)Lastly if you have not guessed by now. I am hopelessly romantic,all filmy style ( completely bollywood type ). My dream proposal would be, that the guy places the ring in the champagne glass, while drinking, he announces in the entire pub that he is in love with me!!

10)I love eating chaats, all road-side stuff like Bhelpuri,panipuri,shevpuri,dahipuri,bombay sandwich, dhokla, etc etc, (okay my mouth is watering now itself).I cant resist them. Okay You all read this, I will go have panipuri and come.

Oh the trauma is over, I know I am completely hopeless gal, but cant help it.Now moving on to the best part, I have to gift these cute awards to other ten people.Now Charmed one has already given Mayz, Lancelot, Chriz, Hope, Dhiren, Suresh, Apocalypse, Akansha . But I would like to acknowledge them here as well. They have been very cute indeed.

For the rest ten plus cuties,

Harsh for all his cute stories on college life
White phoenix for a wonderful blog
Onthewingsofadream for her writing style
Raaji for being an inspiration
Keshi for being a wonderful person.
ayushi akka cyrstal for a wonderful blog
vinumohan and pisku for portraying emotions beautifully
heart and soul for just touching my heart by her lovely stories
Ritu for her stories on her son and dil
Nene / Nehya, She is indeed a cute little blogger

And guys and gals, be kind and generous, and award to other cute bloggers too!!And I was hoping that the eleven of you could write some cute things about yourself too!! Cheers

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

tHe Untold Story - Part III

She went back to hostel after that incident. We spoke regularly after that. One day I came to know that she had caught fever. Knowing her, I assumed she must not have visited the doctor, so I personally went to a doctor and got medicines for her. I visited her hostel in the noon and advised her to take the medicine. She seemed to be surprised and was very grateful for it. I noticed that she had lost more weight than ever. I wanted to take her home. But she wouldn’t listen to me.

She came home during Diwali. This time, the storm within her had calmed down and she seemed more composed than before. After much insistence from my friends, I decided to tell her about my feelings. I was scared but nonetheless, I had to tell her this time before it was too late.

I was in a very good mood indeed as I could hear her laughing and cracking PJ with my sister. I assumed even she was in a good mood. I was waiting for an opportunity to be alone with her again and to reveal my feelings for her. I wanted to tell her that I loved her more than anyone .And that I would never let any tears come in her eyes. I would bring her all the joys and happiness, which she deserved.

It was evening by the time I got her alone. She came out in the veranda for lighting the lamps. It was a perfect star lit sky and her cute face was shining like the lamps which she was lighting. I also started helping her by lighting the other lamps and started a conversation with her. After few random tit-bits, I told her that I loved her. Initially she didn’t react to what I said. I assumed she didn’t hear. So I repeated myself again. I love you Sneha. She stared at me for almost sometime. And then she started laughing. She assumed that I was joking with her. When I convinced her, that I was really in love with her. She just told that she never saw me that way. She considered me as a very good friend and there was nothing more to it. I stood there dumbfounded, not knowing what to do next.

I messaged her later that night. But she never replied. I cried that night. It seemed to be the longest night of my life. She went back to her hostel next day itself. I felt guilty for causing her more pain.

I never saw her after that. I missed her a lot. I received a new job offer in another country and I moved on. From my family, I kept hearing about her. I wondered whether she ever thought of me or even remembered me.

Today I write this, as I would be visiting my country after three long years, I wonder how she would look now, and would she still talk to me? I don't know....yet


P/S : Dear readers, that's the end of the "the Untold Stories" series. Hope you have enjoyed it.

PPS: Hey there is a fourth and fifth part to this, its on request from friends and bloggers!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

tHE Untold Story - Part II

Six months had passed by. She kept coming home every weekend which was very unlikely of her. Her eyes which uses to be lit like a star had seemed to lose its shine .Her smile also seemed artificial. Nobody could read her as I could. I tried to talk to her but she seems to look through me. She seemed to be in a daze, hardly interacting with any one. Sometimes I could hear her crying in the room but never had the courage to knock on the door. It tore my heart to see her in such a state.

One day, she was sitting in the veranda of our house, gazing the sky, one tear rolled out of her eyes. I wanted to hold her and calm her down, but this time I didn’t hold myself back but seriously made an effort to go to her, and asked her to share her problem with me. She denied immediately, she said she didn’t need any one, she doesn’t trust any one, anymore. She just wanted to be alone.

I didn’t walk away from there like I always did, this time I just sat next to her, in case she needed me. An hour passed, only the buzzing sound of flies could be heard. She realized that I was not leaving her side until she told me her problem. A fresh set of tears came down from her eyes. She mumbled during her sobs, that she had a boyfriend and he had broken her heart and was dating her best friend now. She didn’t know whom to trust and whom to talk to. Everything had fallen apart for her.

My world fell apart when she claimed to love some one else. No one could hear the shattering sound within me. I just held her hand to console her. I couldn’t cry. But this pain seemed to be everlasting, like the broken pieces of glass which seemed to have pierced into my skin. I hated her boyfriend for hurting her so much.



Monday, March 2, 2009

tHE Untold story - part I

She had moved newly into this town and used to visit my house once in a month. She came from hostel every Saturday evening and went back by Monday morning. I always wanted to talk to her, but I was too shy to approach her. She always spoke with my parents and my sister. Whenever we came face to face, she just smiled and said an informal Hi. She got a new cell and we exchanged numbers, and that's how we started chatting. And we became friends. Not very close friends but something better than nothing I would say.She was very humble and down to earth even though she was not from here, she seemed to have got adjusted. On some Mondays, she requested me to drop her to college.I was more than enthusiastic to drop her but pretended as though it was cumbersome task.Some Friday evenings, she used to asked me to pick her from college. Due to my eagerness, I used to reach even before time .I don't know when I must have started falling in love with her. But I never found the courage to tell her, and months flew by.


Friday, February 27, 2009

My winning speech - a fame of 45secs

Ladies and gentlemen ( hehehe I cant stop giggling, are men gentle ?? okay okay we will discuss that later, for now, let me continue with my speech ),

I am honored by Seher with my first "The Best Ranty Oscar" award !!
I never thought I would get one !! I am soooo excited and happy about it.
I would like to thank my parents for educating me even though I hated going to an English medium school and eM, as cos of her, I started blogging and charmedone for being always there for editing the content for appropriateness and Seher thank you again, it means a lot to me as its my first award!!

Its celebration time !! I guess 45 secs are over now.....still smiling

P.S : In Oscar ceremony the winners are given only 45 secs to complete their winning speech or thank you speech, so after all its a fame of 45secs!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's the heat !!!

love is in the air
but the heat is so much
that love seems to have melted away!!!

aha its rhyming, I know the poetry sucks, its all due to the heat. I have been complaining non-stop about it that my colleagues have closed their ears!!! I even went and told my boss that "if I faint tomorrow, then don't blame me!!! " I know I have been getting hyper about this heat and the a/c!! There are many out there, who don't have proper electricity itself, but once we are used to the comfort level, I guess its difficult to adjust or I should say its a physiological effect that : its very hot and unless we put a/c it wont become cool!!! phew I am just tired complaining also.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random ramblings

Its almost two weeks since I blogged last, was kind of very busy, had gone to LA with A.R. Rahman to receive the Oscars, just kidding !!! No such big excuses, was away for my friends engagement, then no new topics to write as well.
So nothing much great happened in Karnataka as I was expecting on V-DAY. But surprisingly other states of India, had some forced marriages in temples and few anti-social elements beaten up bro-sis assuming them to be couple. Sigh!!! that's India my jaan, anything can happen at any time. And it was surprising to read about Muthalik being ram sena head, doesn't pray to ram or any other god at home, nor does he visits temples except for some political functions in temples!! As he believes that "work is worship"!!! By the ways, Muthalik actually received some 1500 pink chaddis, I think god was very pleased with his work.

Last week we shifted to new office, the a/c has not been shifted with us. So I am kind of frustrated with them. So there has been no post by me, don't blame me, blame my company people!!! I have been seriously cursing a lot these days, I guess it helps relieves your mind and mouth. And for people who still don't feel any heat in the office, I shall be gifting them blankets.
So here is a saying from my friend, on my request he has framed it for me and looking at my frustration:
“It ain't the heat; it's the humility.”

Will try to post something tomorrow, if at all the heat doesn't kill me by then !!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Saga of the february month

So the coming weekend is what I am eagerly waiting for........but it isn't for celebrating valentines day but to see what more ram sena people are going to do, especially in Karnataka??? By now everyone has heard about the "pink chaddi movement??" But ram sena has decided to gift back sarees to all the ladies. sigh!!

Okay this post isn't about the current state of affairs in our country. As this month is considered to be the most romantic month of the year, I would like to take a poem from the great poet KABIR, as it describes the current state of my heart

Akath Kahani Prem Ki,
Kutch Kahi Na Jaaye
Goonge Keri Sarkara,
Baithe Muskae

Translation : Inexpressible is the story of Love
It cannot be revealed by words
Like the dumb eating sweet-meat
Only smiles, the sweetness he cannot tell

As the week approaches, I remember one of the February month, where in, I had sent valentine cards from February 1st to 14th of February , each day with a new message to my so-called crush, by being anonymous. It was the most craziest thing to do and I am still embarrassed about it, Do share your own special moments , take care and keep smiling!!

P/S : Those people who are still celebrating their singlehood with atmost pomp can remove their frustration by clicking on the "FETCHIDO VALENTINE DOG", (just right hand side top) click on the flying hearts!! Have fun & no pun intended, cos even I am celebrating my singlehood!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Insatiable Soul

Isnt it strange?
We all are in the pursuit of happiness
and to claim these happiness,
we go through all the negative aspects of life
and sometimes bring miseries to ourselves.
So much for the happiness.
Same vicious circles
Sadness, Jealousy, Frustration, Selfishness, Envy, Loneliness, Anger, Pain, Greediness, Lust and Hatred all engulfs you.
But we still move on
for the sole reason,
that we believe / hope that some day we would get our share of happiness too.
Human being can never be content after all
Insatiable Soul as they call it!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Application Form

Lately I have been running around selecting B-schools. And the amount of aptitude test, Gd/PI rounds, we have to undergo, I wonder whether its all worth?? Just for another so called MBA degree, wait they don't call it a degree, they call it Post graduate diploma in management!! Okay this post is about one of the forms which I have been asked to fill and the damn thing carries 50 marks. So here is a random attempt to fill this form.

Q1)State 3 of your strengths and weaknesses

Ans: Let me go with the weaknesses first
  1. Boys
  2. WINE
(not in any particular order and please don't ask me why!!)

Now my strengths
  1. can talk non-stop!!!
  2. I have slept more than 24hrs continuously
  3. can give advice on relationship matters unless i am not involved in it.

Now moving on to second question

Q2)What would you say are your hobbies or interests?

Deep thinking : why is the question framed like this?? any particular reason for it...They could have directly asked "State your hobbies" instead of "what would you say...."
After much debate with myself, following was the outcome

"Listening to songs and have being a bathroom singer for a long time"
"Playing badminton but haven't received any medals/awards for them"
"Love watching saas-bahu serials, glad that such things don't happen in real life"
"Watching movies - specially bollywood masala type movies"
"And of course reading Novels - All romantic types only"

Q3)Mention your achievements, both academic/non-academic in the last 5 years

Ans : Now what have I achieved in the last 5 years??? If I had achieved, I wouldn't be thinking of doing MBA in first place. Once i get the MBA degree, I will be in a much better position to answer this question.
You can see it this way.......There are 3 categories of people on this earth, following lines will explain what I am trying to convey exactly.

" Many people are born multi-talented
Some are gifted with at least one talent
And few are not talented at all"

And I am sorry to say, I fall into the last category of people!! (So now can you give me the admission at least)

Q4) Mention any one personality who inspires you, elaborate on the reasons

Ans : now now, why should some one inspire me?? I can be an inspiration for myself. Since you have asked, I would have to read some autobiography and then answer this question.
I remember, being asked the same question in another interview, and without thinking I had mentioned ADOLF HITLER, now I don't wanna repeat the same name again.

Q5) In not more than 75 words describe why you want to pursue Management Education

Ans: Obvious man, to get a high paid job in an MNC. ( its not crossing 75 words also )

Last question (Thank God)
Q6)If there is anything you think we should know while we evaluate you, use the space below, However if we have captured everything through the form above, you may skip this question.

Ans: Now now, what more do you wanna capture??? Yes I am attaching my passport size snap in this application form and moreover I am just coming for completing my Post graduation. So i guess that's enough.

I wonder what set of questions they can ask more in personal interview when everything is asked over here.

You all can give your answers for these set of questions!!

Monday, February 2, 2009


I haven't got any topics to write, got this mail from my friend. So I decided to share it with all of you, after all it brings a smile on every one's face.

With due respect to all the copyrights, I put forward "HUM - TUM"

and those who are not single any more, can have their own "HUM TUM"

Note : Please click on the image to enlarge, if its not clear enough to read the text.

Friday, January 23, 2009

My chotti granny ( aka D akka 4year old cousin sister )

These days kids talk with so much maturity that we being adults get stumped with their innocence. I am talking about my chotti granny,no no, my youngest cousin sister, Lets call her D, she is just 4 years but she talks as though she is our grandma.We call her dramaybaaz ( drama queen).As she lives in a joint family, she is attached to every one in the house. So other day,along with her parents, she was suppose to leave to her native place for just few days.Before leaving the house, she goes up to her aunt and gives her a heart shaped toy lock which has a key to it.
She tells aunt :Yeh mera dil hai, issey main apko de rahi hoon, aap muje miss karoge na, toh isme chaavi dalna aur baat karna.kyunki main gaav ja rahi hoo na. (English Translation : I am giving you my heart, Whenever you miss me, insert the key to this heart and talk to me, as i am leaving to native place).

I told you, she is one drama queen!!!

She came down here. And Following is the telephonic conversation between D and Moi
D: Tu kaisi hai? (How are you ?)

Moi feels I should be asking you that first ,instead of the other way round !!

Moi: main theek hoon, tu kab aaye? (I am fine, When did you come?)

D: Main raatko train mein thi,subah mera eyes open hua, toh main yaha hoon. (I was in the train last night, when i openend my eyes in the morning, I am here.)

Moi: Acha acha, ab bata tu mere liye mumbai se kya laye ? ( Okay Okay, tel me what have you bought for me from mumbai ?)
D: ek minute (Wait for one minute !)

Moi feels how can u suddenly tel me to wait, you can skip the question instead of this wait dialog!!

In the meantime, she converses with her dad, asking what have we bought from mumbai ?? Her dad replies, tel we bought chikki.Next she comes back on the phone and starts speaking like this

D: Tuje chikki pasand hai kya? (Do you like chikki ?)

Moi thinks internally, i heard you talking to your dad, now just tel directly that I have got chikki for you, instead of asking if i like it or not!!!

Moi : Haan pasand hai (Yes i like it )

D: Acha main tere liye chikki laye hoon. ( Okay i have bought chikki, you like it na)

Moi feels what if i had said NO??, what would you have given

D: Acha abhi main rakhti hoon.Badme milongi. ( Okay Okay i will keep the phone, will meet you later)

Moi: .... :) Cant stop smiling!!!

Now can you believe she is my chotti granny only

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Living in present

How to keep moving on ....,when you know there is only pain in the end?

Time heals everything they say......

In the matters of heart and destiny, i don't know what to believe...

Trying very hard to live in present....

Friday, January 9, 2009

bEING Tagged for first time

I am super excited cos I have been tagged for the first time by Charmed One ....So here it goes:

RULE #1 People who have been tagged(or in my case self tagged) must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

RULE #2 Tag 6 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

1) If your lover betrayed you what would your reaction be?
I would be one Full drama queen, who would cry n cry at every given moment possible and keep sulking as well and ask GOD, WHY ME?? wouldn't talk to any1 for at least a month, would go under serious depression. And may take a very long while to come back to normal.

2) If you could have one dream come true which one would it be?
Being loved by some1 and be with that person the whole time and treasure each moments.

3) Is there any person, at whose face you wanted to throw your slippers/sandals/shoes at ?
Yes but i haven't done it yet. I would like to throw my sandals at those men who try to advantage of a single gal, when they just put hands..u get the idea....

4) What would you do with a billion dollars?
Would send my parents for a world tour in cruise.

5) Will you fall in love with your best friend?
Hmmm...i don't happens just like that, cant predict it before hand.

6) Which is more blessed: loving someone or being loved by someone?
I think Being loved by some one is a blessing. But if both sided , then i would truly feel blessed by almighty.

7) How long would you wait for someone you love?
as long the other person doesn't get :)

8) If the person you like finds someone better than you, what would you do?
I would try hard to prove that i am the best, else i would let it go, thinking that its their loss, and not mine.

9) If you could root for one social cause which one would it be?
killing of gal child.

10) What takes you down the fastest?
People who are over proud of themselves and considers others as a waste.

11) Would you like to have the job you love or love the job you have ?
Too lazy to decide on this for now....

12) Darna mana hai... But what is the thing that you fear most?
Loosing the loved ones.... :(

13) What kind of person(s) do you think the person who tagged you is/are(or the person's blog from where you have tagged yourself)?
Great friend and who enjoys life as it comes

14) Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?
what a choice ??? i don't like both the options!!!

15) What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Check the time and hoping in my mind that i still have more time to sleep around.

16) If you fall in love with two people simultaneously who would you pick?
i would pick the one who loves me too....

17)Would you give all in a relationship?
definitely, relationships are everything to me.

18)What's eating you now?
CAT score is out, i don't know how to tel my parents!!! And hoping they don't see the news channel today.

19)Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?
relationship yaar!! Single is too lonely and boring.

And i tag Chandni and Harsh.
And others can take up this too.
Take care and have fun