Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sigh of Relief

Hello friends,
Its being more than two months since i last wrote a post. I have endless reasons for it, just got Internet at home last week, then there has being no "MOOD" to write (giggling), I seem to have forgotten how to write a post as well, but there are million interesting things to write about as I was missing from blog villa for a long time. And yes I haven't forgotten my promise of visiting your blog.I was busy with my cousin sis wedding and other functions in the house, then the job hunt is still on, then the trip to shirdi and lastly engrossed with my serials and coping with rainy weather of mumbai. Life has a come a long way, with new friends and relations to be kept up and those which are far off, missing old friends, specially "charmed one"- who is now happily married and settled, who use to mostly act as my content editor before posting a post in this blog. I will write a more meaningful post in another two weeks as I am really tired after writing this long post. I can take a sigh of relief that I was able to write this post in this gloomy weather and with my mood swings. Take care and god bless all of you.