Sunday, August 2, 2009

Marriages are made in Heaven

We all have heard the above title saying, though some believe it. I believe that god has made some one special for all of us, but we get married to them only or not is decided right here, on this earth. what say bloggers??I would like to know your opinion too.

And since the talk of marriages are going on, I am going to enjoy Rakhi's Swayamwar today in Ndtv Imagine,by sitting at home itself. Whatever every one has to say about her, I would say, it takes lots of sheer guts to go out in television and choose a husband for yourself. She is creating history. I respect her sheer courage and wish her good luck.

And yes I am still continuing my job hunt and getting depressed at home so can't bring myself to write something. So reading lot of books these days to occupy my empty mind. Take care and Happy friendship week for all.