Thursday, November 27, 2008

Taking snaps in the studio

I avoid as much as possible taking snaps in the studio, only when i am in dire need of it, i go for that. The reason behind it, is i cant stop laughing my heart out while the photographer is clicking. He would first say, sit very straight, don't hunch! Next he would say, move your shoulder back and sit very straight and broad! Now i cant stop giggling about it, Cos to me i feel i am sitting perfectly, but the camera man thinks otherwise!!!. Now when i think, atlast he will click, he will again command, move your shoulders little bit this side or little bit that side. then again, move your head little bit this side i realy cant stop laughing, its really difficult! okay now the photo is going to be taken atlast after so many adjustments, then he would say smile....and i would be controlling myself that i dont burst out laughing on his face. i take a deep breath, smile as much as i can and act all serious at the same time, click click is the only sound u hear next....and i start imagining how the snap is going to come out.....the camera man will request for one more snap and i have to stay still till that moment, click much for a snap!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

iTS finally OVER!!!

Yes i am glad its over, i mean to say CAT exam is over. i had been to bangalore for writing CAT ( common admission test). Only the name and its shortform sounds easy, else everything about it gives me the creeps!! yes we were trained to expect surprises in the paper. and the IIMs are real genius to create suprises every year (gosh they must be so brainy to confuse our brains and give us lovely suprsises!). Jokes is one conversation between me and my frnd

Moi: Its finally over!!
Friend: whats over?
Moi: CAT is over!!!!
Friend: And then the MAT returns!
Moi: Its sounds like superMAT returns to save me from CAT monster

So fingers crossed...waiting for the result!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

gOING to tRavel

Im off to bangalore today...will return on monday hopefully in full piece. Going for some personal work but will be meeting friends and hanging out after a long long time, hopefuly the plan doesnt fail like it always does for me....fingers crossed again!!! God bless all!

Monday, November 10, 2008

can a gal and boy be only friends( best friends) ??

Recently this question was put forward by my cousin to me, i had to ponder on the issue for a while before answering her. So here was my answer :-
Eventually No, boy and a gal cant just remain best friends, if not both, atleast one will mutually develop a "love" feeling towards the other. But may not realize it immediately. Its just once when you let go of the other person, only then we know the value of the person. Some may not agree with me, specially those who have close friends as either boy/gal. Yes there have being friendships where both usually know each other too well and they are not in love, but they remain "chaddi buddy" ( meaning -best friends). Eventually the society doesnt see them as just friends, they always make up some stories, even if two people are just having a friendly chat on the middle of the road. And then there are movies to be blamed, where they show that boy and gal cant be just friends..they turn into lover one day or the other even though they deny it initially. like for eg, kuch kuch hota hai, Jaane Tu ya jaane na......etc etc.
So the moral of the story by watching all those movies and even your parents watch them, they tend to be extra cautious if their child is spending a lot of time on phone especially with one friend ( of the opposite sex). Then lot of confusion and doubts in everyone think over many of you can actually say that we (boy and gal) can be best friends ???
Here i would like to bring out one more point, there are some extreme cases, wherein, the guy and gal cant accept their relation as just "friends or lovers", so they claim to the society that they are in a "brother- sister" relationship....they just feel brotherly or sisterly feelings towards the are they trying to hide their feelings by doing this or is something really cooking???

Sunday, November 2, 2008


yes yes i have decided i am not leaving this place and continue to struggle here itself. lets see after four months something may happen. so im not going to quit. cos i know i m going to regret after a while. Basically i dont have guts, thats all i can say. Actually being a gal, i have the advantage of staying at home, but still my conscience doesnt allow me to stay at home. So lets struggle for some months and keep my ego aside for some days... fingers crossed still cos i have one more new struggle coming up....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Decision and confusion time

it feels like a month is over since i blogged, but i think i jst blogged on diwali for the sake of blogging. Recently i have been out of topics.So didnt know what to post, and i didnt want to create one more meaningless post (already 2 meaningless post have been done by moi). so i didnt want to do that a days i only read other peoples blog and was thinking what to write for my blog. so other day i and my frnd venus were thinking that we would cut paste email forwards which we recieve as it has meaningful and funny messages. ( too lazy to write on any topic)

Now dont get irritated if u find this post also meaningless. Let me begin for now, a lot has been happening in my life, never assumed that things would change so soon. No no i am not geting married, its just i am going to shift to a new destination this time which i have always wanted to shift to but i fear the outcome of it, so there is still a confusion on that matter.

Shifting means i would require to leave my JOB, and my only fear right now is that if in the new destination i would get a job or not. These fear of being jobless haunts me (cos i have being jobless for almost 1 year), so i know how it is, sitting at home and thinking how other unintelligent people (morons) are getting jobs and WHY am I not getting a job?????
But shifting also meanns, change of my dentist, which would also be a big thing as i am undergoing a treatment.

Starting a whole new life in a whole new city, is going to be tremondous learning and it requires patience and sometimes you end up comparing both the cities( ur ex-city and your new city) and then you start regretting.All this requires a decision and then wait for the either flops or success. if it is a success, then you are all happy and extremely happy BUT if at all it FLops, then gone, then there is no end of regretting and being sad and upset and asking GOD "WHY ME?".... so being turning the tables this time again....cos anywyas life doesnt comes with guarantees, so until i take risks, i wont feel enjoying every moment of this decision making process.....fingers crossed..hoping for the best :) and i am sure my life will change in the coming months...only i dont know if its for the good or for the bad.....yes im trying to be optimistic but my nature doesnt allow me, so full scared....lets see what happens in the coming days.........fingers crossed still