Tuesday, November 18, 2008

iTS finally OVER!!!

Yes i am glad its over, i mean to say CAT exam is over. i had been to bangalore for writing CAT ( common admission test). Only the name and its shortform sounds easy, else everything about it gives me the creeps!! yes we were trained to expect surprises in the paper. and the IIMs are real genius to create suprises every year (gosh they must be so brainy to confuse our brains and give us lovely suprsises!). Jokes apart...here is one conversation between me and my frnd

Moi: Its finally over!!
Friend: whats over?
Moi: CAT is over!!!!
Friend: And then the MAT returns!
Moi: Its sounds like superMAT returns to save me from CAT monster

So fingers crossed...waiting for the result!!!


Scribblers Inc said...

best of wishes...I have managed to stay away from these monsters as long as possible...and hope it remains that ways! :P

Scribblers Inc.

chandni said...

all the best for the results too!

I hope u get what your heart desires :)

moi said...

hey thanks a lot both of you :)

Carol said...

hey Great.. ur done finally.. n u do have some hope.. whcih is a good sign ;)