Saturday, September 4, 2010

Something to write about

Life has become really boring. With No TV serials to watch, due to some satellite problem. And to depend for every thing on computer, it feels terrible and specially if its a very slow computer. You feel like banging it or throwing some sense into it... but you know, we can't do it. I envy people who are enjoying vacation in some foreign location or a local by place itself. The place where I am staying right now, doesn't have any of these things, not even theatres for entertainment. I hate going to elder parties also, cos its become a huge task to dress up and appear good and then sit in 1 corner of the room thinking why on earth are you here? !!! Every party, same people and then you don't know what conversation to make with them again.Then you hear ladies chatting about cooking and recipes, then I get more irritated. I can't imagine more boring life than mine. So I don't get any topics also to blog now a days cos my life has become boring. Since by educational qualification, I am a computer engineer, my dad expects me to find out the reason behind our computer being slow!! I wish I had taken hardware courses while doing engineering. ;) Then lately things at home have started getting spoiled. 1st it was my sweet little laptop, its screen got screwed up. then the next thing, our toaster got burnt suddenly. Then now my sweet tiny little mobile has stopped getting charged by any charger. Then our land-line phone seems to stop working sometimes. But correctly at 12:30 in the night, it will ring, some stupid person keeps calling for no-reason at all. Then our Tata Sky receiver has stopped receiving signal, so No TV also. And then our desktop at home has suddenly started working slow, and while browsing it will hang for no reason.For turning it off, takes at least minimum 15minutes. You see series of bad things, I wonder what bad omen it is!! Now my only my sweet little novels have being giving me company. Presently reading, P.S I LOVE YOU...
So until then, take care bloggers and keep in touch but without touching!!HEHE Okay that was just a dumb PJ!!