Wednesday, December 31, 2008

finally 2008 is going to get over

i havent being around lately for a long time. Yes i have been being busy going to bangalore every week and now tired, but again got to travel this week as well.
I got no expectations of this coming year, its going to be same like this year, only negative things happen and they may keep happening again in the coming days. so no excitement at all about the coming days.
Lets see what more fate has written, as that has to happen.
These days i have been seeing this mynah bird more frequently, yes i use to not believe in them before, but lately things keep happening that im forced to believe.
Saying goes like this:

If you see one mynah bird, it symbolizes sorrow
If you see two mynah birds, it symbolizes joy
And if you see three mynah birds, it symbolizes journey.

And lately i have been getting to see only one mynah bird, and the day has to go bad as expected.
Sorry cant end this day in a positive note. Bye bye 2008.
God bless all.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I am feeling sleepy...yes that too just 10 in the morning, that also after having fresh bath and reached office by dangling in that bus!!! But right now, just too lazy to sit and do any work also, thought will write a post to keep myself little bit awake!! But i dont have any topics for now. so thats all for now, will write something when i am pretty awake!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baaton Baaton mein

Following is a dialogue (in hindi) between moi and her cousin:

Cousin : Sabse achi neend kab aati hai ?
Moi : pata nahi ......mujhe har waqt neend aati hai...
Cousin : sabse achi neend dophar ko aati hai,itna acha neend aata hai, ankh band karte hi neend
aa jayegi, raat ko aisi neend nahi aati!!

Moi : sahi kaha tune!!
cousin : aur barah hote hi mujhe bhook lagni shooru hoti hai
moi : sahi hai, aur khyali pulav pakane lagte hai, LOL

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Being penniless

Since the trend of atm has started, I and my friend charmed one have been depending on these debit cards a lot and hardly keep any cash in the wallet.And this trend finally left us penniless one fine evening. We had planned up, that i would stay up at her place for the weekend as my folks would be out of town. So we both had to collect my stuff from my house and head over to her house and her dad would pick us up on the way. All planned and full excited about the weekend ahead we were going to spend by watching all movies from dvd and etc.We left from office and checked in our wallets, and we had just 8 bucks for travel ling in the bus for one way. So i had decided i will borrow the rest of the money from my folks while leaving the house. The bus was over crowded and suffocating, and the conductor never collected the money from us and even i forgot to pay him. We reached home, packed and collected my stuff. Searching and making up my mind about what to wear took most of the time, cant help!!!

After telling all the byes to my folks, we left the house.And got into the bus, thankfully we got seats as well, charmedone was busy talking on the phone, so she was in her own world.After the bus moved ahead, i realised that i had forgotten to collect money from my folks and there was no money to pay for the bus as well. I was all panicked, and called out to my friend, and asked if she had any money??? She looked up at me , little bit confused, and she was indicating with her hand, " no money gal!"And i already started imagining, now the bus conductor is going to insult and throw us out in the next stop, when i announce to him that i got no money. I was feeling horrified at the coming situation. I again digged into my purse, and was hoping that i get some coins atleast. Voila!! i found the 8 rupees which we had not paid for the last bus fare!! I was relieved.

But we had to take another bus to reach our destination, since we had no money left and the ATM seemed to be far away option, we decided we would take the rick, and then ask my friends dad to pay the rick fellow.So happily we hopped into rick and we had almost reached the destination, but the rick fellow refused to go ahead to next stop!! We didn't know what to make of him, he was stubborn and he told us to get down in mid way, and pay him. We requested him again to take us little farther, where my friends dad was waiting with his car for us!! But he refused, then my friend called up her dad, to come and pick us up here, her dad was insisting for the rick to come near him. In the meantime, rick fellow was getting irritated with us, he was shouting at us, to pay the money !! I told him, we don't have the money, you need to take us little bit ahead, then her dad can pay you. Some how with all the fuss, rick fellow moved, and her dad paid the money to him. My friends dad, was full prepared to have a battle with the rick guy, we some how managed to stop him.

After all the ordeal we had been in the evening, we just wanted to go home, so I and my friend were busy trying to open the car door. The next thing what happened, we least expected it, but i guess, all the bad things have to happen all at once only!!! So the same happened with us, CAR was LOCKED! And my friends dad had left the key inside the car, and the other spare key was at home. We were trying to think of new ideas, to open up the car, but there was no way.

Then again we took a rick to go to my friends house, left the car over there itself. We somehow reached her home, 15 minutes went in searching for the spare key of the car. And then uncle went back in the same rick to get his car.We both started feeling better once we reached home, and we got proper scolding from her folks and my folks as well....LOL!!!

And the following situations have taught us never to depend on ATM and to always have some money in hand!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Every morning

Every morning, i never feel like getting up early. I will be wondering how it became morning so fast, i had slept just few minutes back, how can the sun rise so fast?? every night I keep alarm for 6:30am.
6:30 am: Alarm rings!!! Unfortunately i never hear it!! So still fast asleep.....
7:00 am: I hear few sounds, some sound from the kitchen, so i never open my eyes, thinking its my dream.
7:25am: I open my eyes, and seeing the brightness, will be wondering where i am??
7:35am: I get up, still drowsy, fold my bedsheets, and seeing the time in my mobile, i go back to sleep for 5 mins.
8:00am: I slowly again check the time in my mobile, Oh great!! (telling myself, get up and move!!)
But still body refuses to budge, convincing myself for 2 more minutes of sleep and i promise myself to getup after 2 minutes!!
8:10am:A wake up call by cousin, screaming at me "You have holiday today??"
Again lazily i check my mobile for the time and then move myself out of the bed.
8:30am i am suppose to leave from house for office to reach at 9:00 !!!
8:12am: Full speed i brush, take bath, pray, eat my breakfast and pack my tiffin, soak clothes for washing and 8:45am i leave the house!!
On the way, i remember i have forgotten somethings!! So run back home, collect the things and run behind the bus!!
Somehow in my grumpy state i reach the office and as usual i am late always, and i take a oath that tomorrow i shall get up early, which till date i have never fulfilled!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Chaos only for some time

"Mumbai under siege" was the headline everywhere. Was glued to all the possible news channels, read many blogs ,articles on newspaper and even magazines. Everywhere chaos, then by Sunday atlast fresh reports flashed that the war is over leaving behind taj, oberoi-trident and nariman house burning. All terrorist got killed and one has been captured alive. News channels flashed tributes to those who had given their lifes for the salute to the brave soldiers and the brave policemens, who gave up their life so that people of our country can stay alive.

Next news flashed that the home minister has resigned and deputy cm of maharashtra has also offered to resign. News channel ran some debates on all this issues. But we as people of this country, our memory short lived will forget all these in few days to come. Dont glare at me like, now media is hypering it and every one is talking about it but within a few week, everybody will forget about it, thats the way our country runs, nothing of it will be mentioned in the news again, its just for few days.

No matter how we shout n crib about it, we are not going to get immediate response like George Bush did!! After 9/11 attack, no terror attacks have taken place in US, why so?? Our government is just waiting for another attack to take place, so that we can forget about this attack!! Today also, i can go to railway station carrying a bomb with me in the bag and roam about, no-one is going to catch me! thats the security in India, even after everything happens, we never learn our lessons.Terrorist knows that, so they have attacked so soon.

Now everywhere checking will be taking place, some in railways, some about tickets, some bags will be checked, its only for few days.!!! then nothing !!! after few months, another attack, some loopholes of security...there goes another bomb! we have excuses for everything!

Presently the politicians have resigned not due to public pressure of mumbai people. Its mainly due to high society people had died in taj and oberoi. They had to resign cos they couldnt provide security to the high class society people. And the deputy cm of maharahstra claims that "in a big country, such small incidents happen". Are these people really running our country cos they feel something for the nation or only money runs in their blood??? That even at this crisis, they have the audacity of speaking such things in front of the media. I want to ask these minister, if same grenade bomb was planted in their own house, would he be still saying its just a small incident, and it keeps happening????
If the same incident had happend to the middle class mumbaikar like the last train blast incident, which shook mumbai,i dont think we would be seeing any immediate reaction by the government. Its just the high class society people run the government, so they had to resign.

Such a act of terrorism should be condemned says the PM of India, but if it keeps happening repeatedly at this rate, i dont think anythign is condemned!!!.

Mumbai was burning, where was raj thackeray??? Sleeping in his house...or sending and teling his spokesperson to send sms through out that "raj thackeray and his people couldnt come out to save, cos of crowding" so people should learn a lesson now, and non-mumbaikars should leave the city cos its geting over crowding!!! what a cheap thing to say!!!
If he really loved his "amchi mumbai", he should have come out with his people to save the mumbai prestige.

All said and done, our anger against the politicians and leaders, wont help us. The roots of our system is corrupted, I think we need to bomb the politicians house or once again the parliament, then we can expect the government to react!!! may be im too barbarical in my action and words, but unless we act, nothing is going to change our india.