Wednesday, December 31, 2008

finally 2008 is going to get over

i havent being around lately for a long time. Yes i have been being busy going to bangalore every week and now tired, but again got to travel this week as well.
I got no expectations of this coming year, its going to be same like this year, only negative things happen and they may keep happening again in the coming days. so no excitement at all about the coming days.
Lets see what more fate has written, as that has to happen.
These days i have been seeing this mynah bird more frequently, yes i use to not believe in them before, but lately things keep happening that im forced to believe.
Saying goes like this:

If you see one mynah bird, it symbolizes sorrow
If you see two mynah birds, it symbolizes joy
And if you see three mynah birds, it symbolizes journey.

And lately i have been getting to see only one mynah bird, and the day has to go bad as expected.
Sorry cant end this day in a positive note. Bye bye 2008.
God bless all.


Suresh Kumar said...

I wanted to say 'why do you want to end the year with such a sad note'. But really many bad things happened in the world this year. I don't know about your personal life. Forget everything and go out and enjoy the new year's eve.

I pray that the year 2009 may be pleasant and nice for you.

I will post my new year blog tonight.

moi said...

Happy New year and hope we all have a pleasant year ahead

magicalharsh said...

happy new year :D ... nice blog ... am blogrolling you ... :D