Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year Resolutions

I stopped keeping new year resolutions some 3 years back cos i never follow them. But following seems to b list of things to be done this year somehow:
  • Start reading autobiographies : I have always kept delaying this due to unknown reasons, i have always wanted to read the Adolf Hitler "mein kempf"....hope i will be able to do this year at least. Now as i recall Adolf Hitler, i remember one incident. In 12th, i was mostly an "anti-Gandhi" person. So that time i was very fond of Adolf Hitler. SO while going for college admission interview, I was asked "who is your role model in life". And my answer: ADOLF HITLER. I cant believe i said that!! I was impressed by his imagination and capability of trying to capture the entire world.
  • Join the dance class : Previously i wanted to join the dance class just to loose weight, now due to MBA entrance exams, i have lost more than i could have imagined. So now its just inner desire to learn salsa, so hopefully i make it this year.
  • Go GOA : Yes i have been dying to go to this place, of which i have heard so much, but every time some new problem arises and i m unable to make it. Now recently i heard in news, that terrorist are planning to bomb Goa as well, so before they do that, i hope i can enjoy Goa and come safely.
  • Go Para Gliding: Its scary but want to feel the sky.I don't think it would be possible this year, but who knows,i may get a chance.
  • Learn to COOK: i hate that word "COOK" itself. I don't know if i will learn it any time soon.
I think these much sums up for time being and hopefully i try to make it this year. If i make a bigger list, i know i will never do it!!


Anonymous said...

i also want to go paragliding some day .... :D .. want to see the world with bird's eyes....

Akansha Agrawal said...

Hitler as role model... OMG, did u manage to get placed! :P

About autobiographies, you could start with Lance Armstrong's... it's really nice!

moi said...

@harsh : hmmm same same :)

@akansha : yeah i did say hitler as role model and obvious i didnt get placed over there. Okay thanks for suggesting, i would keep that in mind when i visit library next.