Friday, January 23, 2009

My chotti granny ( aka D akka 4year old cousin sister )

These days kids talk with so much maturity that we being adults get stumped with their innocence. I am talking about my chotti granny,no no, my youngest cousin sister, Lets call her D, she is just 4 years but she talks as though she is our grandma.We call her dramaybaaz ( drama queen).As she lives in a joint family, she is attached to every one in the house. So other day,along with her parents, she was suppose to leave to her native place for just few days.Before leaving the house, she goes up to her aunt and gives her a heart shaped toy lock which has a key to it.
She tells aunt :Yeh mera dil hai, issey main apko de rahi hoon, aap muje miss karoge na, toh isme chaavi dalna aur baat karna.kyunki main gaav ja rahi hoo na. (English Translation : I am giving you my heart, Whenever you miss me, insert the key to this heart and talk to me, as i am leaving to native place).

I told you, she is one drama queen!!!

She came down here. And Following is the telephonic conversation between D and Moi
D: Tu kaisi hai? (How are you ?)

Moi feels I should be asking you that first ,instead of the other way round !!

Moi: main theek hoon, tu kab aaye? (I am fine, When did you come?)

D: Main raatko train mein thi,subah mera eyes open hua, toh main yaha hoon. (I was in the train last night, when i openend my eyes in the morning, I am here.)

Moi: Acha acha, ab bata tu mere liye mumbai se kya laye ? ( Okay Okay, tel me what have you bought for me from mumbai ?)
D: ek minute (Wait for one minute !)

Moi feels how can u suddenly tel me to wait, you can skip the question instead of this wait dialog!!

In the meantime, she converses with her dad, asking what have we bought from mumbai ?? Her dad replies, tel we bought chikki.Next she comes back on the phone and starts speaking like this

D: Tuje chikki pasand hai kya? (Do you like chikki ?)

Moi thinks internally, i heard you talking to your dad, now just tel directly that I have got chikki for you, instead of asking if i like it or not!!!

Moi : Haan pasand hai (Yes i like it )

D: Acha main tere liye chikki laye hoon. ( Okay i have bought chikki, you like it na)

Moi feels what if i had said NO??, what would you have given

D: Acha abhi main rakhti hoon.Badme milongi. ( Okay Okay i will keep the phone, will meet you later)

Moi: .... :) Cant stop smiling!!!

Now can you believe she is my chotti granny only


Chriz said...

haha.. i have had bad experiences... my two kids.. miece and nephew are brats.. especially the little one..

yes D is a granny.. a wise granny... the guys are gonna go for a toss after some ten years time..

hitch writer said...

awww !!

Thats cute ...

I have a 4 year old kid and he bull dozes me all the time. Its like he is my Dad !!! lol

Suresh Kumar said...

I sometimes feel looking at these kids as if 'have they left anything for us to teach them'.

Smart Kids.

Charmed One! said...

Yeah this one's a pakka dramaybaaz kid!! Listening to all the dialogs.. she can make one hell of a great child actress :)!

moi said...

@Chriz : Lol, guys are gonna for a toss...well we have to wait and watch!!

@Hitch : I read about your kid, he seems to ruling you... But we just adore them for that :)

@Suresh : Yes they outsmart us many atimes.

@charmedone : You should meet her personally, she will tel you even the tv episodes which you have missed!!

Cяystal said...

Evenn if kids can be grannies..they're so adorable..whenever i get back from school,girls half my age fight..calling each others alll kinds of names..and you know what?..I was going aaaww while reading about the heart lock thingie :D..nice blog!

Akansha Agrawal said...

Kids these dayzz... both my younger sisters (cousins) are big draamebaaz! They dress up and then march up and down till they haven't collected praises from everyone!!! Aww, I adore them...

mayz said...

that was cute :)

Cяystal said...

Btw your header is mmmmmmmm..too good!

comfortably numb said...

the next gen is always smarter thanthe prev one....even our elders used to say the same things abt us:)

Lena said...

awww... thats so cute :)
kids grow up too fast, dont they?

seher's shenanigans said...

kids these days are born with an older brain.. i dunno what the preggy mommys are feeding themselves..

aZoed said...

cute kid :)
reminds me of my 3 yr ol' neighbor back home... she hates my play lists and penchant for nature photography.. and always wants herself to be the model instead :)

hope said...

cute :)

moi said...

@crystal : yeah kids these days, they have learned all the adult ways!! thanks a lot, i am glad you liked it. :)

@Akansha : Yeah they know more about fashion than us i

@mayz : thanks dear

@comfortably numb: yeah but the current kids seems to be way too ahead than us :)

@Lena : thanks dear, yeah they grow too fast and that also before we realize

@seher's shenanigans : I think the kids learn from the surroundings :)

@azeod : oh tats really cute , model huh? so did you take her snaps then?

@hope :thanks dear