Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When He Is..

When he is near, I want him to hold me and love me.

When he is away, I want him to miss me the minute he says me ‘goodbye’.

When he is with me, I want him to look deep in my eyes.

Together in a crowd, I want him to hold my hands.

In a party, I want his eyes searching for me.

When in fight, I want him to use the pillow.

In happiness, I want him to lift me up like a trophy.

In sadness, I want him to kiss away all my tears.

When in doubt, I want him to hold me tight.

And in silence, I want him to read me.

And the saga continues….

I don’t know what you call this

I want him with me always.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just Married

Has it happened to you that you don’t want that some things to happen in your life at all and you dread the worst of it .And no matter how hard you try, it still happens to you and with all the courage you accept it and fear the worst to happen. And once it actually happens, you actually like it and in fact you enjoy every moment of it and feel blessed that it actually happened.

Well I don’t know how to write those feelings that I feel right now but it’s all a jumble of emotions and you are too stunned to react. Well now I truly believe that marriages are made in heaven and I consider myself a blessed soul to feel all this emotions at this time.

There are lots of changes a woman goes through from being single to being married and it’s a difficult path for any woman to cross it. But when there is a man beside you who loves you, then this crossing of paths also becomes sweeter than you assume. From no tikka to one red tikka on your forehead, from no bangles to many colorful bangles on your hand, from jeans to sarees and from being daddy’s little gal to becoming someone‘s sweetheart, and from one name to a new name and with it many new relationships to accept and still more to experience. And yes I love all of it even though I make a mess of it.