Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When He Is..

When he is near, I want him to hold me and love me.

When he is away, I want him to miss me the minute he says me ‘goodbye’.

When he is with me, I want him to look deep in my eyes.

Together in a crowd, I want him to hold my hands.

In a party, I want his eyes searching for me.

When in fight, I want him to use the pillow.

In happiness, I want him to lift me up like a trophy.

In sadness, I want him to kiss away all my tears.

When in doubt, I want him to hold me tight.

And in silence, I want him to read me.

And the saga continues….

I don’t know what you call this

I want him with me always.


Richa said...

:) sweetness

mae said...

aawww.. sooo sweet!!! :) it's called being in love! haha.