Monday, July 4, 2011

Random ramblings

Rambling 1:  "Life has become a puzzle to be solved
                    Waiting for the right pieces to fall in their correct places
                    Until then it’s all about having patience to move on."

Rambling 2:  "Love is like a dark chocolate
                    Its looks all tempting from the outside
                    But once you have tasted it,
                    It doesn’t feel like a chocolate anymore."


mae said...

Totally agree with these ramblings, probably cause I can relate. :) LOL. Nice.. keep on posting more of these! :)

pri said...

the issue with life and love is that we spend too much time ranting and raving about it---and thats exactly why it acts so pricey.

perhaps if we stop thinking so much, it would get sorted...sigh!!
but then again, maybe thats just wishful thinking :-|