Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Poochie - my stuffed doggie

Once I had a stuffed doggie which I fondly called as "Poochie". It had a mixture of golden and white furs. It was very soft and plump to hold. It had round eyes like a black button and red tongue hanging out his mouth as though waiting to be fed. I use to cuddle with it all night and speak to him in day time whenever I felt sad. It gave solace even with its silence and cute face. Some days I wished, it could speak to me or may be by some miracle, it could start wagging his tail.

One night, it so happened, that I had a terrible dream, where in full slab of tiles had fallen over my face and I had being severely injured and I cried out in pain and woke up every one around me.Then I realised that it was only a dream and every one went back to sleep. It started thundering and raining heavily. There were loud sounds of trees falling down. Then I saw Poochie  lying around me and strangely it looked like as though it was possessed. I felt his eyes shine in the dark and it scared the hell out of me. I saw his tail move for one moment. It looked like that it was going to start talking to me but before it could do such a thing, I managed to keep it out of my sight. I don't know if it was my imagination or it really happened but it spooked me out. I couldn’t sleep that night nor could I hold Poochie that night or any future nights. I covered myself fully with my blanket, even though I couldn’t breathe properly within the blanket, I didn’t dare to peep through it. I continuously twisted and turned in my bed to get sleep and desperately waited for the morning to arrive.

Somehow the long night got over and  sunlight appeared. I was scared to touch Poochie in the day light. I didn’t even have the guts to look at its eyes. With great determination and taking all the possible god's names, I lifted and packed Poochie  inside one suitcase so that it could never scare me again. Sometimes, we have to be careful of what wish we make, cos you never know it might actually come true in any form.

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Lancelot said...

good to see u blogging after a long time...how u ve been? whats up>?