Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Mummy

Yes she never let me call her “AMMA”

Cos she wanted me to learn to speak English

Even though I used to go to English medium school

But never spoke a word in English.

So she emphasized on using “Mummy” instead of “AMMA”.

And whenever some kids teased me

She used to become my bodyguard

And I used to quietly enjoy it when she scolded them.

Even though I was the only child for her,

We never shared a loving mother-daughter relationship

Instead we fought with each other

on any given opportunity and followed by the famous MAUN-VRAT (vow to keep silence).

I was never pampered like everyone assumes,

Instead I used to get beatings from her with wooden ruler every now and then,

Even the broomstick, frying pan weren’t spared in some cases.

And still she was the only one,

who cried when I got married.

She loves cleanliness and she is a very hard working person

And she assumed I would become her replica

Instead I am the exact opposite of her.

She makes many delicious foods and I don’t think I can ever do that.

Sometimes she will give me her cooking tips

And we would end up fighting.

That way we continue our loving relationship.

She is smart, suspicious and courageous lady

to bring up a daughter like me.

And indeed I am what I am only because of her.

She taught me to keep trying until success kisses my feet.

And she let me be lazy when other parents were preaching.

Though she won’t be reading this,

But she knows that I love her in my own way

Even though I never tell her about it.

Happy Birthday Mummy .

Note: A specialty of her bday is that we celebrate it twice in a year, once in March and once in November as we have not being able to solve the confusion of dates yet.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Gal

We didn’t grew up together                                                        

But went to same college.

We were not in the same class

But had same friend circle.

Became Best Buddies only after college.

Faced almost same type of struggle

Tried for many jobs together with no luck on our side.

Once a astrologer predicted almost same future for us,

But it all turned out to be false (thank god).

Finally got together into one crazy company,

where in conversations grew longer

And five days in a week was never enough.

And yes our long afternoon walks to Bharat Mall

Guess even the cleaner knew us too well over there.

Both loved reading romantic books.

And even loved a drink called Peach Schnapps.

Loved hogging on squid chillie and wine in Village.

Started blogging together

and even knew each other’s password too well.

Sometimes acted as content editor for the blog,

And sometimes even acted as relationships advisor.

Someday shared a special soup from nearby restaurant,

And some day shared a whole North Indian Thali (meal).

Gossiped about everyone as though we were perfect

Went to Bangalore together to clear the CAT

Instead got boozed and enjoyed karaoke in a pub.

Both being the only child to their parents,

Had found a lost sister in each other’s company.

Soon both went separate ways for good,                       

And remained in each other’s heart

As distance and commitments separated us.

Now technology keeps us together

She is and will remain the Charmed One

And I dedicate this to her, on her special day

Happy Birthday Charmed One.

Cheers even though you grow old by a number today.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Is it really a bad omen?

This is my first diwali after marriage and being my favourite festival of the year, I always look forward for it. Diwali means lot of things to lot of people. For me, its all about new dresses, rangoli, lighting diyas, decorating the house, burning lot of crackers and yes of course eating lots of sweets and my list goes on. I have not mentioned about making sweets in the list, as I am not so fond of that part nor I have ever tried making something before diwali.  Just few days before diwali, I brought few diyas and painted them. I am not so good in making rangoli designs and I was surprised, when my MIL told me that the boy was good in making rangoli designs. Since he had not tried it for a long time, I decided to get readymade designs and he did the coloring part. I must say, he is very efficient in it, I mean perfect straight lines and perfect filling. I never expected a guy could be good in rangoli. Well here is 1 photo below depicting the boy’s near perfect rangoli and the other picture depicting my painted diyas.
Boy is not that fond of bursting crackers but on my repeated insistence, he brought few of them and we went down four floors below to burst them. We finished one set of crackers and next moment, there was a little chaos, few people were running back and fro from the building and main entrance gate, asking for a doctor as there was some emergency. We didn’t know what the emergency was but just kept the confusion to ourselves. Then boy asked me to go back home and he went in search for a doctor. On my way to home, I kept asking few people “what happened?” but nobody knew anything. With a confused look and my left over crackers, I climbed the four floors to reach my home. I waited for boy’s phone call but there was no sign of it. After forty five minutes of waiting, boy came home and by looking at his face expression, I knew there was bad news. I waited for the boy to disclose the news; he disclosed that one person had died in the neighboring building due to cancer. Everything happens so fast, one moment we are celebrating and next we are mourning.

I felt really bad and my condolences are wit the lost ones family even though we don’t know them but one soul has just left his body. Diwali didn’t turn out to be the diwali I had hoped for. I was upset with all the things that happened that evening. Later boy hugged me and asked me not to think of it as a bad omen. I don’t know what to make of it, but the thought of bad omen lingers on.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What sweets did you prepare this Diwali?

 That’s the question I have being questioned by innumerable relatives and cousins. And I would  just say innocently “Nothing”. But my MIL (mother-in-law)  did make few sweets as being my first diwali after marriage. Then the second question arises from their mind “Ok so did you atleast help her in making them?”.  Again innocently I say “Yes I helped her in the final stage by being the taste judge of all the items being prepared.”  I tasted the first besan laddu and gave MIL, my invaluable comments that the laddu had indeed turned out perfect and can nicely be hogged upon without thinking too much about the weight. Then came the turn of another sweet named “karanji”. Well  I don’t know the English name for it but  its preparation involves lot of hard work compared to other sweets and moreover, very few people like to eat  more than one piece of it. So as you can guess, I get to taste the first Karanji being made my MIL and again gave her a thumbs up sign to let her know that it was indeed very crunchy and not very sweet, just perfect sweet. And then came the most favourite sweet enjoyed by all and eaten at regular intervals by most named “ShankarPali”. Again I don’t know the English name for this, and as usual, I still didn’t go to help my MIL in the preparation of this sweet as well, I ate three to four pieces of shankarpali and again gave thumbs up sign for MIL.  And other sweets, we just brought them from shops and few my aunty brought over for letting me hog.  I know I am not good DIL (daughter-in-law) yet but for time being  it’s the best way I could help MIL and share my diwali wishes with you all. Happy Diwali and Happy New Year. I know its just bit too late but I have heard Diwali lasts till Tulsi Puja and after all I was so busy helping my MIL , so you  can usually understand the delay in posting this post on my blog. And before I forget, do let me know about the sweets you prepared this Diwali.