Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Gal

We didn’t grew up together                                                        

But went to same college.

We were not in the same class

But had same friend circle.

Became Best Buddies only after college.

Faced almost same type of struggle

Tried for many jobs together with no luck on our side.

Once a astrologer predicted almost same future for us,

But it all turned out to be false (thank god).

Finally got together into one crazy company,

where in conversations grew longer

And five days in a week was never enough.

And yes our long afternoon walks to Bharat Mall

Guess even the cleaner knew us too well over there.

Both loved reading romantic books.

And even loved a drink called Peach Schnapps.

Loved hogging on squid chillie and wine in Village.

Started blogging together

and even knew each other’s password too well.

Sometimes acted as content editor for the blog,

And sometimes even acted as relationships advisor.

Someday shared a special soup from nearby restaurant,

And some day shared a whole North Indian Thali (meal).

Gossiped about everyone as though we were perfect

Went to Bangalore together to clear the CAT

Instead got boozed and enjoyed karaoke in a pub.

Both being the only child to their parents,

Had found a lost sister in each other’s company.

Soon both went separate ways for good,                       

And remained in each other’s heart

As distance and commitments separated us.

Now technology keeps us together

She is and will remain the Charmed One

And I dedicate this to her, on her special day

Happy Birthday Charmed One.

Cheers even though you grow old by a number today.


Cяystal said...

Too, too awesome.

Many happy returns of the day, Charmed one :)

Charmed One! said...

Goodness gal!!! u made me nostalgic :).... i really miss all that u have written... those days were awesome na...
remember how we forgot to withdraw money and ended up traveling w/o any money(from ur uncle's place to my house :D )

Thanks a lot Moi for the beautiful post and plhueeeeesee don't remind me of the older number ;) ....

love ya.....

Charmed One! said...

@Cяystal - thank you for the wishes :)...

moi said...

@crystal : I am glad you thought that way :)

@charmed one:yes even I became nostalgic when I was writing. those days were really awesome, we never realised then.Oh yes I remember the money problem cos of the atm.I am glad you liked it and when its a birthday, I think we all are reminded of numbers somehow.hope you keep blogging more often than before.