Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What sweets did you prepare this Diwali?

 That’s the question I have being questioned by innumerable relatives and cousins. And I would  just say innocently “Nothing”. But my MIL (mother-in-law)  did make few sweets as being my first diwali after marriage. Then the second question arises from their mind “Ok so did you atleast help her in making them?”.  Again innocently I say “Yes I helped her in the final stage by being the taste judge of all the items being prepared.”  I tasted the first besan laddu and gave MIL, my invaluable comments that the laddu had indeed turned out perfect and can nicely be hogged upon without thinking too much about the weight. Then came the turn of another sweet named “karanji”. Well  I don’t know the English name for it but  its preparation involves lot of hard work compared to other sweets and moreover, very few people like to eat  more than one piece of it. So as you can guess, I get to taste the first Karanji being made my MIL and again gave her a thumbs up sign to let her know that it was indeed very crunchy and not very sweet, just perfect sweet. And then came the most favourite sweet enjoyed by all and eaten at regular intervals by most named “ShankarPali”. Again I don’t know the English name for this, and as usual, I still didn’t go to help my MIL in the preparation of this sweet as well, I ate three to four pieces of shankarpali and again gave thumbs up sign for MIL.  And other sweets, we just brought them from shops and few my aunty brought over for letting me hog.  I know I am not good DIL (daughter-in-law) yet but for time being  it’s the best way I could help MIL and share my diwali wishes with you all. Happy Diwali and Happy New Year. I know its just bit too late but I have heard Diwali lasts till Tulsi Puja and after all I was so busy helping my MIL , so you  can usually understand the delay in posting this post on my blog. And before I forget, do let me know about the sweets you prepared this Diwali.


Cяystal said...

None at all! I want to devour all these now.

moi said...

yeah now a days, every one of them gets from sweet shops.