Thursday, November 3, 2011

Is it really a bad omen?

This is my first diwali after marriage and being my favourite festival of the year, I always look forward for it. Diwali means lot of things to lot of people. For me, its all about new dresses, rangoli, lighting diyas, decorating the house, burning lot of crackers and yes of course eating lots of sweets and my list goes on. I have not mentioned about making sweets in the list, as I am not so fond of that part nor I have ever tried making something before diwali.  Just few days before diwali, I brought few diyas and painted them. I am not so good in making rangoli designs and I was surprised, when my MIL told me that the boy was good in making rangoli designs. Since he had not tried it for a long time, I decided to get readymade designs and he did the coloring part. I must say, he is very efficient in it, I mean perfect straight lines and perfect filling. I never expected a guy could be good in rangoli. Well here is 1 photo below depicting the boy’s near perfect rangoli and the other picture depicting my painted diyas.
Boy is not that fond of bursting crackers but on my repeated insistence, he brought few of them and we went down four floors below to burst them. We finished one set of crackers and next moment, there was a little chaos, few people were running back and fro from the building and main entrance gate, asking for a doctor as there was some emergency. We didn’t know what the emergency was but just kept the confusion to ourselves. Then boy asked me to go back home and he went in search for a doctor. On my way to home, I kept asking few people “what happened?” but nobody knew anything. With a confused look and my left over crackers, I climbed the four floors to reach my home. I waited for boy’s phone call but there was no sign of it. After forty five minutes of waiting, boy came home and by looking at his face expression, I knew there was bad news. I waited for the boy to disclose the news; he disclosed that one person had died in the neighboring building due to cancer. Everything happens so fast, one moment we are celebrating and next we are mourning.

I felt really bad and my condolences are wit the lost ones family even though we don’t know them but one soul has just left his body. Diwali didn’t turn out to be the diwali I had hoped for. I was upset with all the things that happened that evening. Later boy hugged me and asked me not to think of it as a bad omen. I don’t know what to make of it, but the thought of bad omen lingers on.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm that was sad .. But i feel you shouldnt take that as bad omen. Take it this way, someone who was in pain( any disease cant be without giving you pain, right? ) got liberated from his pain on a festival day... His spirit finally could feel and emerge with the light above :)