Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Mummy

Yes she never let me call her “AMMA”

Cos she wanted me to learn to speak English

Even though I used to go to English medium school

But never spoke a word in English.

So she emphasized on using “Mummy” instead of “AMMA”.

And whenever some kids teased me

She used to become my bodyguard

And I used to quietly enjoy it when she scolded them.

Even though I was the only child for her,

We never shared a loving mother-daughter relationship

Instead we fought with each other

on any given opportunity and followed by the famous MAUN-VRAT (vow to keep silence).

I was never pampered like everyone assumes,

Instead I used to get beatings from her with wooden ruler every now and then,

Even the broomstick, frying pan weren’t spared in some cases.

And still she was the only one,

who cried when I got married.

She loves cleanliness and she is a very hard working person

And she assumed I would become her replica

Instead I am the exact opposite of her.

She makes many delicious foods and I don’t think I can ever do that.

Sometimes she will give me her cooking tips

And we would end up fighting.

That way we continue our loving relationship.

She is smart, suspicious and courageous lady

to bring up a daughter like me.

And indeed I am what I am only because of her.

She taught me to keep trying until success kisses my feet.

And she let me be lazy when other parents were preaching.

Though she won’t be reading this,

But she knows that I love her in my own way

Even though I never tell her about it.

Happy Birthday Mummy .

Note: A specialty of her bday is that we celebrate it twice in a year, once in March and once in November as we have not being able to solve the confusion of dates yet.


Raajii said...

Aww.. that is so sweet :-)

Happy Birthday to your mom :-)

Daanish said...

happy birthday to your mom :)

cool post.