Tuesday, February 7, 2012


With Sky painted blue, and white clouds adorning it like a pearl necklace.
Slowly and slowly they keep moving above
And you are sure to miss this slow movements
 if you don’t tend to observe it carefully.
Then there is the mighty bird which keep floating across the sky
It keeps going round and round as though testing its own flight
And then slowly it too disappears.
Then there is the sound of flapping of wings of a small bird
Which is trying to fly and it does so but it looks so timid and small
Compared to the mighty birds flight.
Then there is a sudden gush of wind as though trying to block the small bird flight.
But it is able to gently sway the trees and a fresh breath of air surrounds you.
And you seem to be engulfed with the sun’s glaring ray.
And slowly the sky shades turns orangish blue.
And you know its time for the sun to set.
And you are surrounded only with the chilled and silent air.
I wonder if I could paint this scene or  could I capture it in my camera
But alas the time moves ahead and its dark now
Leaving me to wonder if I could capture it ever?

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Raajii said...

Looks like you captured it very well :-

Raajii said...