Friday, December 5, 2008

Every morning

Every morning, i never feel like getting up early. I will be wondering how it became morning so fast, i had slept just few minutes back, how can the sun rise so fast?? every night I keep alarm for 6:30am.
6:30 am: Alarm rings!!! Unfortunately i never hear it!! So still fast asleep.....
7:00 am: I hear few sounds, some sound from the kitchen, so i never open my eyes, thinking its my dream.
7:25am: I open my eyes, and seeing the brightness, will be wondering where i am??
7:35am: I get up, still drowsy, fold my bedsheets, and seeing the time in my mobile, i go back to sleep for 5 mins.
8:00am: I slowly again check the time in my mobile, Oh great!! (telling myself, get up and move!!)
But still body refuses to budge, convincing myself for 2 more minutes of sleep and i promise myself to getup after 2 minutes!!
8:10am:A wake up call by cousin, screaming at me "You have holiday today??"
Again lazily i check my mobile for the time and then move myself out of the bed.
8:30am i am suppose to leave from house for office to reach at 9:00 !!!
8:12am: Full speed i brush, take bath, pray, eat my breakfast and pack my tiffin, soak clothes for washing and 8:45am i leave the house!!
On the way, i remember i have forgotten somethings!! So run back home, collect the things and run behind the bus!!
Somehow in my grumpy state i reach the office and as usual i am late always, and i take a oath that tomorrow i shall get up early, which till date i have never fulfilled!

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Charmed One! said...

How i wish the days would start only after nine everyday!!