Monday, December 1, 2008

Chaos only for some time

"Mumbai under siege" was the headline everywhere. Was glued to all the possible news channels, read many blogs ,articles on newspaper and even magazines. Everywhere chaos, then by Sunday atlast fresh reports flashed that the war is over leaving behind taj, oberoi-trident and nariman house burning. All terrorist got killed and one has been captured alive. News channels flashed tributes to those who had given their lifes for the salute to the brave soldiers and the brave policemens, who gave up their life so that people of our country can stay alive.

Next news flashed that the home minister has resigned and deputy cm of maharashtra has also offered to resign. News channel ran some debates on all this issues. But we as people of this country, our memory short lived will forget all these in few days to come. Dont glare at me like, now media is hypering it and every one is talking about it but within a few week, everybody will forget about it, thats the way our country runs, nothing of it will be mentioned in the news again, its just for few days.

No matter how we shout n crib about it, we are not going to get immediate response like George Bush did!! After 9/11 attack, no terror attacks have taken place in US, why so?? Our government is just waiting for another attack to take place, so that we can forget about this attack!! Today also, i can go to railway station carrying a bomb with me in the bag and roam about, no-one is going to catch me! thats the security in India, even after everything happens, we never learn our lessons.Terrorist knows that, so they have attacked so soon.

Now everywhere checking will be taking place, some in railways, some about tickets, some bags will be checked, its only for few days.!!! then nothing !!! after few months, another attack, some loopholes of security...there goes another bomb! we have excuses for everything!

Presently the politicians have resigned not due to public pressure of mumbai people. Its mainly due to high society people had died in taj and oberoi. They had to resign cos they couldnt provide security to the high class society people. And the deputy cm of maharahstra claims that "in a big country, such small incidents happen". Are these people really running our country cos they feel something for the nation or only money runs in their blood??? That even at this crisis, they have the audacity of speaking such things in front of the media. I want to ask these minister, if same grenade bomb was planted in their own house, would he be still saying its just a small incident, and it keeps happening????
If the same incident had happend to the middle class mumbaikar like the last train blast incident, which shook mumbai,i dont think we would be seeing any immediate reaction by the government. Its just the high class society people run the government, so they had to resign.

Such a act of terrorism should be condemned says the PM of India, but if it keeps happening repeatedly at this rate, i dont think anythign is condemned!!!.

Mumbai was burning, where was raj thackeray??? Sleeping in his house...or sending and teling his spokesperson to send sms through out that "raj thackeray and his people couldnt come out to save, cos of crowding" so people should learn a lesson now, and non-mumbaikars should leave the city cos its geting over crowding!!! what a cheap thing to say!!!
If he really loved his "amchi mumbai", he should have come out with his people to save the mumbai prestige.

All said and done, our anger against the politicians and leaders, wont help us. The roots of our system is corrupted, I think we need to bomb the politicians house or once again the parliament, then we can expect the government to react!!! may be im too barbarical in my action and words, but unless we act, nothing is going to change our india.

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Charmed One! said...

Well said gal!!! Indian politics are just corrupted right from the roots!! I have no hope that these dirty rotten politicians are gonna turn sensitive towards normal citizens!