Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Being penniless

Since the trend of atm has started, I and my friend charmed one have been depending on these debit cards a lot and hardly keep any cash in the wallet.And this trend finally left us penniless one fine evening. We had planned up, that i would stay up at her place for the weekend as my folks would be out of town. So we both had to collect my stuff from my house and head over to her house and her dad would pick us up on the way. All planned and full excited about the weekend ahead we were going to spend by watching all movies from dvd and etc.We left from office and checked in our wallets, and we had just 8 bucks for travel ling in the bus for one way. So i had decided i will borrow the rest of the money from my folks while leaving the house. The bus was over crowded and suffocating, and the conductor never collected the money from us and even i forgot to pay him. We reached home, packed and collected my stuff. Searching and making up my mind about what to wear took most of the time, cant help!!!

After telling all the byes to my folks, we left the house.And got into the bus, thankfully we got seats as well, charmedone was busy talking on the phone, so she was in her own world.After the bus moved ahead, i realised that i had forgotten to collect money from my folks and there was no money to pay for the bus as well. I was all panicked, and called out to my friend, and asked if she had any money??? She looked up at me , little bit confused, and she was indicating with her hand, " no money gal!"And i already started imagining, now the bus conductor is going to insult and throw us out in the next stop, when i announce to him that i got no money. I was feeling horrified at the coming situation. I again digged into my purse, and was hoping that i get some coins atleast. Voila!! i found the 8 rupees which we had not paid for the last bus fare!! I was relieved.

But we had to take another bus to reach our destination, since we had no money left and the ATM seemed to be far away option, we decided we would take the rick, and then ask my friends dad to pay the rick fellow.So happily we hopped into rick and we had almost reached the destination, but the rick fellow refused to go ahead to next stop!! We didn't know what to make of him, he was stubborn and he told us to get down in mid way, and pay him. We requested him again to take us little farther, where my friends dad was waiting with his car for us!! But he refused, then my friend called up her dad, to come and pick us up here, her dad was insisting for the rick to come near him. In the meantime, rick fellow was getting irritated with us, he was shouting at us, to pay the money !! I told him, we don't have the money, you need to take us little bit ahead, then her dad can pay you. Some how with all the fuss, rick fellow moved, and her dad paid the money to him. My friends dad, was full prepared to have a battle with the rick guy, we some how managed to stop him.

After all the ordeal we had been in the evening, we just wanted to go home, so I and my friend were busy trying to open the car door. The next thing what happened, we least expected it, but i guess, all the bad things have to happen all at once only!!! So the same happened with us, CAR was LOCKED! And my friends dad had left the key inside the car, and the other spare key was at home. We were trying to think of new ideas, to open up the car, but there was no way.

Then again we took a rick to go to my friends house, left the car over there itself. We somehow reached her home, 15 minutes went in searching for the spare key of the car. And then uncle went back in the same rick to get his car.We both started feeling better once we reached home, and we got proper scolding from her folks and my folks as well....LOL!!!

And the following situations have taught us never to depend on ATM and to always have some money in hand!!!

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magicalharsh said...

the silly ATM played a trick with me too ..... had it not been for our college bus .... I don't know waht i would have done .... I was not having enough money even to return back .... just got lucky that day....