Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Application Form

Lately I have been running around selecting B-schools. And the amount of aptitude test, Gd/PI rounds, we have to undergo, I wonder whether its all worth?? Just for another so called MBA degree, wait they don't call it a degree, they call it Post graduate diploma in management!! Okay this post is about one of the forms which I have been asked to fill and the damn thing carries 50 marks. So here is a random attempt to fill this form.

Q1)State 3 of your strengths and weaknesses

Ans: Let me go with the weaknesses first
  1. Boys
  2. WINE
(not in any particular order and please don't ask me why!!)

Now my strengths
  1. can talk non-stop!!!
  2. I have slept more than 24hrs continuously
  3. can give advice on relationship matters unless i am not involved in it.

Now moving on to second question

Q2)What would you say are your hobbies or interests?

Deep thinking : why is the question framed like this?? any particular reason for it...They could have directly asked "State your hobbies" instead of "what would you say...."
After much debate with myself, following was the outcome

"Listening to songs and have being a bathroom singer for a long time"
"Playing badminton but haven't received any medals/awards for them"
"Love watching saas-bahu serials, glad that such things don't happen in real life"
"Watching movies - specially bollywood masala type movies"
"And of course reading Novels - All romantic types only"

Q3)Mention your achievements, both academic/non-academic in the last 5 years

Ans : Now what have I achieved in the last 5 years??? If I had achieved, I wouldn't be thinking of doing MBA in first place. Once i get the MBA degree, I will be in a much better position to answer this question.
You can see it this way.......There are 3 categories of people on this earth, following lines will explain what I am trying to convey exactly.

" Many people are born multi-talented
Some are gifted with at least one talent
And few are not talented at all"

And I am sorry to say, I fall into the last category of people!! (So now can you give me the admission at least)

Q4) Mention any one personality who inspires you, elaborate on the reasons

Ans : now now, why should some one inspire me?? I can be an inspiration for myself. Since you have asked, I would have to read some autobiography and then answer this question.
I remember, being asked the same question in another interview, and without thinking I had mentioned ADOLF HITLER, now I don't wanna repeat the same name again.

Q5) In not more than 75 words describe why you want to pursue Management Education

Ans: Obvious man, to get a high paid job in an MNC. ( its not crossing 75 words also )

Last question (Thank God)
Q6)If there is anything you think we should know while we evaluate you, use the space below, However if we have captured everything through the form above, you may skip this question.

Ans: Now now, what more do you wanna capture??? Yes I am attaching my passport size snap in this application form and moreover I am just coming for completing my Post graduation. So i guess that's enough.

I wonder what set of questions they can ask more in personal interview when everything is asked over here.

You all can give your answers for these set of questions!!


Chriz said...

mba ... the gds and pis are surely worth it....

have been there

moi said...

So did you have to fill such forms also?? - I was hoping you would state your answers as well :)

seher's shenanigans said...

i hate the tedious task of self knowledge esp in terms of repititive questions...
makes me sulk!

hitch writer said...

5th question has been answered really honestly 1!!!!


Cяystal said...

I love the honesty in the first question! =)
And if you don't get selected in something like Mba..there are so many achievements to make...so keep the smile on and don't freak out!

Suresh Kumar said...

Now I dont beleive the answer to question 3. Who said you are not talented? The talent shows in the way you have filled the form. :)

Chriz said...

haha i filled it up...

just fill what your heart sayd so..

back then five years back, i filled it with the mindset i was in.. i would fill it differently now..

act by your instinct.. you will rock..

Charmed One! said...

lolz girl.. as we both agree its a pain filling such forms ...
but am sure you will manage to fill up the original form with some great replies :)

Onthewingsofadream said...

agree !! its is tedious ...but u know how to make it iteresting ...!!

Akansha Agrawal said...

Hey!nice answers... your honesty is appreciated ma'am! :P

About leaving answers, erm, do u mind if I do that some other time???

Keshi said...

one of ur Weaknesses is BOYS? awww..actually they r one of my Strengths...cos they make me feel so intelligent!

**I have slept more than 24hrs continuously

LOL great Strength to be gifted with!


moi said...

@seher : yeah same here, i am still sulking :)

@hitch writer : Thanks, atleast in the blog i can be honest!

@crystal : hehehe :) thanks dear

@suresh : hahaha :) thanks dear, i didnt know that could be called as talent

@chriz : ok ok, i would try to do that!!

@charmed one : yeah sure, lets hope so :)

@onthewingsofdream : hmmmm, lets see :)

@Akansha : hehehe :) thanks

@keshi : yeah they are a weakness, especially the cutest one,lolz i liked your response "they make you feel intelligent!!"...thanks

Lancelot said...

If i were the Principal of the B schhol...I wud have given u the admission with full scholarship...unfortunately intelligentsias like us will not be allowed even for the post of security guard in the B Schools *sigh*

comfortably numb said...

in the PI they'll ask where do u see urself in 5 yrs and y u chose this institute...frame ur answers for these qstns now:D

mayz said...

ohhhhhhhh dejavu!!! i remember all those gds n pis i gave...but believe me this is d easier part...once u get thru d though times start...

i remember my college director tellin us durin the induction "if we don't make u cry because of the pressure then i dnt think we wud live upto the name of the institution" n he was right...i dont remember one person in the whole batch who didnt curse the day they decided to do an MBA...

but in the end i kno its all worth it

moi said...

@lancelot : I cant wait for the scholarship given by your B school :)

@comfortably numb : yeah we had those set of questions, when we went for interview also, thanks :)

@mayz : thanks for sharing your experience :)

hope said...

lolz.. u r one smart girl dear..

good luck.. *smiles*

moi said...

@hope : thanks :)

aZoed said...

we don't really have the liberty to try experiment, given the fact that this, is about our careers... but I surely would love to try out these reals answers for once!
about leaving my own answers... I thought I'd do my own post with that :) hope you don't mind???

moi said...

@aZoed :okay that's cool with me, i will look forward for your post :)