Tuesday, September 9, 2008

new 2 blogging

hey ! atlast 1 blog i have created, seems like a big thing (atleast for moi). it may seem so silly to u all. but from morning there has been lot of chaos between my hormones regarding this blog. its jst like entering into the mall in your daily wear and u notice that every1 around u are highly decked up. HAH!!! im new to all this writing stuff ...but hopefully im doing justice to the English language or atleast to the blogging community. D reason to start a blog was mainly eM, my inspiration and whom i have known only thru blog...god bless her. And another gr8 thing is , even my frnd venus has created a blog today !

More about me...
  • most laziest person alive as far as i know... :)
  • can sleep 1 whole day without getting up in between, i have actually done it.
  • Hopelessly romantic, which i say is really bad!!! but you cant help it
  • Short tempered and have got no patience at all, which i think entirely defines me, but my frnds think that its my major weak point
  • Friends are everything for me
  • Non stop chatting, can never get tired of talking and gossiping i say!
  • reading novels and sometimes reading anything which i can lay my hand on
  • love commenting on others, even though im not miss perfect
  • cant resist watching movies
  • wine is a savior for me
  • love carnition flowers, they are more beautiful than roses i say
  • scared of all crawling creatures...specially the snake and lizard
  • lastly insatiable, greedy for more, as i have got everything but still in need of more

Thats all for now, keep comin, promise i wil b posting more.

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