Friday, October 10, 2008

mEANINGless post

i have taken a leave for about 1 week from work.Already 3 days got over and 2 days went in travelling to an old destination.But now when i sit here and think of the 3 days gone, i dunt know how it went by, its jst a matter of minutes i say, you close your eyes and you open it in some time and you have landed in another world. But nothing has changed, everything is still same. im still the lazy gal i know, yes i havent even contacted my frnds here. just silently watching everything, switching channels in tv and you tend to wonder "why arent there any good movies when i take a leave???" But other than that, the whole day just flew i feel. and suprisingly i didnt even sleep whole day( like i usually do), but as they say, time never waits for anyone, it moves on.....and you need to move on with it else you lag behind. But we are not in some race against time, so why worry ???
its become a meaningless post i feel, previously i had posted the title of the post as "bEING alone" but after writing such crap and i dunt realise what im writing, so i have renamed the title to "a meaningless post"!
hmmmm.....days, im just hoping time stops by for some days so that i dont have to worry that my holidays are getting over without even me enjoying it....yes i agree, i dunt have to get up early like before and i dont have to worry about my work and how i look and stuff???? But yes, enjoying a holiday should be more fun i say. Not lazing around the house like how im doing right now??? but cant help it...a meaningless day has gone by!!!

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