Thursday, October 16, 2008


well I'm back , and my holidays are over. And i am thinking of renaming this blog as "DepressedSoul". I am depressed with the way things are turning out. And as they say, all worse thing happen at once. same is happening with me. Like all, even i don't know my future, and I'm scared of the consequences. There are too many things running in my head, its as though they are battling among themselves, "who gets the highest priority?". Until i figure out, what to do next..... i guess i will remain depressed. Its fun to announce that I'm depressed but yes i cant show in my outward appearance that I'm depressed, its only for me to see and bare it, the hidden fears that creep into you and make you sleepless and hoping this would end soon, but it doesn't end over there.
Yes we all go through it, and as they say, that until we go through the sufferings or pain, we don't realize how important life is! So we need to accept the pain and sufferings and sorrows, all at once, Cos accepting it heals you in some way, but i really lack patience , so I'm not in a mood for philosophy, but solace and i don't think i will find it soon...

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