Thursday, September 10, 2015

My little one and The New Laptop

                                               Mummy you got a Laptop for me ?

Wow it is very nice. Now I am going to work like you.You work in your laptop and I will work in mine.

After few minutes of playing in the laptop, mummy this laptop is not that good. I want a big screen like yours.

Then I show him to play games and melodies in it. He is attracted towards the shooting game and he is busy playing it.

Few hours later I call him for lunch, he replies "Mummy I am busy . I have lots of work to do.Once I finish I will come".

After some time, my laptop goes off as battery goes down . So my little one tells me, mummy you can use my laptop for work and its working properly also. Please use my laptop and complete your work. 

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