Friday, March 20, 2015

Movie Reviews - Gangs of Wasseypur 1 & 2

Yeah it released last year some time but couldn't get to watch it. I watched it recently and it is that type of movie which makes you feel that how tough is life for people of  dhanbad or part of west bengal. I mean movie may be fictional or some part of it might be true too but its all ends in a sad note.

The movie is all about revenge from the grandpa era to the young generation. Its like you never think, it would end up like this. What I really liked about the movie, is the way the men speak to the women, I mean its so sweet. I mean when you think of such movie, you think they would be rude and arrogant. But here they speak so sweetly, that you  really like the character. And it makes you want to watch it till the end. 

Its really a 6 hour movie and totally worth it. Its how life is and how people are in these area. I mean, just for a silly thing, they would blow up a whole village. I mean so many gunshots are being shot and its like no 1 is scared of any 1,at one moment you feel like where the hell is the law and order in such area ?  

For understanding part 2, you need to watch the part 1, even the small whispers are somewhat linked to main event in the movie. Some where or the other some 1 is going to die due to some silly reason. Its just the loyalty counts. 

And yes the music is best suited to the situation in the movie and it doesn't feel out of place.
As you know the main one- O womania,... or the Hunter... or  Keh ke Lunga, all are good

My review is not like typical review which we usually read, where in they mention about the  movie story. But its just what I felt after watching the movie. 

I would surely give a  5 star for the movie and yes I would say those who can digest lot of violence should watch it, Its not for the faint hearted. 

After watching it, I really wanted to know how others felt about it, I am so keen on discussing about it. 

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