Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Whats in a name

There is lot to it if u think so.After all its going to be stuck to you whole life .(Yeah some do change it through legal proceedings). But I am not going to look into that for now.

When I was pregnant, I and my hubby had selected on few names for our unborn baby. If it was going to be a boy, We would have named him Aarav and if it was a gal, then we would have named her Aarohi.

And when finally the baby arrived, I called him while lying on my bed and that too for the first time  ie Aaaru, my sweet Aaaru.

But when the naming ceremony came up, we had to look for names which co-existed with the stars. So his was "D". There were so few names with D, one eg was "Dhananjay". it sounded so old. And I was not at all happy with the D letter.

I was in a fix, if to go with the stars or with Aarav.

And there was my mom constantly advising or I should say pressurizing to go with the star name. But I was not convinced. So I asked opinion of my hubby. And he was like, its not that bad after all to go with the stars. So we started to look for names with "D". Then my mom wanted it to be lord Krishna name. So double work again, criteria : Name starting with D and has to be lord Krishna names.

So finally my hubby found "Darsh", In Gujarati, it seems, they call Krishna with another name called "DARSH".

But the dilemma of naming my child Aarav as Darsh was very difficult for me. I know what's there in a name but I couldn't let go of Aarav till the last. Finally for every one happiness, I bowed down to Darsh. And finally the name stuck as Darsh for my little naughty darling.

Later I decided I would call him Aarav only at home, and for outside world, he would be Darsh. It use to be so tough for me, as initially I was calling him Aaru out of love, and then slowly now I have started calling Darsh and now its Darshuuu out of love.

My hubby jokes sometimes that if it was a gal, then it would have being Darshini. Lol.

So much for the name I say.

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