Monday, April 21, 2014

Sunday Movie Time

Oh my writing genes are not working anymore like it use to work 4 years before. I am completely at loss of cousins says that I have a kid and I can go on writing about him and his antics but I don’t know I am not able to. Gosh I am so uncreative these days.

I watched 2 states after so much buttering to my hubby. He didn’t want to come for a love story and he was adamant on watching Bhootnath returns. And I like a romantic die hard fan of romance, was dying to see the movie. After all it was my favorite novel and author’s marriage story. My husband even suggested that he would get me a good dvd print and I can watch it comfortably at home. According to me, the theatre  effect doesn’t come at home, so somehow I feel some movies are worth watching in theatres. And I have made same mistakes in the past by watching some really good movies at home.Like for eg: "Jab we met": I know it came on tv so many times that I hate it now. But when I had first seen the movie, I just wanted to book a ticket in theatre and watch it all over again. Then there was "3 idiots", okay another of chetan bhagats novel adapataion “Five Point Someone”. So I just didn’t want to do that with 2 states.

 But somehow I couldn’t enjoy it like the book. I was hoping lot more from the movie as the book was damn good and hard to be kept down until you completed the book. The movie somehow seemed draggy and moved at a very slow pace to me. But surprisingly my husband and my cousins, all  loved the movie as they had not read the book, so I think it was good for them. It’s a simple love story and any one would connect with it. But somehow I couldn’t connect with it. Okay enough about me ranting that the movie didn’t surpass my expectation, after all the movie got 4 stars and is still minting money at the box office. So I won’t complain more. 

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