Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Motherhood : the pain,the trauma and glory

I have missed writing here for a long period. Each time I write and then I don’t post it. Thinking it is too gibberish to post it or start a new blog and then don’t know it’s all forgotten in this busy world of mine.

I thought after marriage, I would have lots to post about. But I never did.

Then a little boy came in my life and I got caught up in his activities, with no time left for me.

I don’t know how other mommy bloggers do it, but it’s still took me almost 1.5 years to come to grip towards my normal life.

During pregnancy I was in my own happy go world, worrying about delivery and the baby’s health etc.

Then once the little baby came in my life, I had to go through lot of pain. And dealing with these pains, I banished myself from the outside world completely. I use to be miserable and lonely and asking most of the time WHY ME??

Finally after few months, the pains were gone but the scars of it remain. And emotionally and physically too drained to contact anyone. Most of the time worried that I may harm my own baby unknowingly or some or the other mistakes I may do and my little baby have to suffer.

After 1st delivery, I would like to take a bow to all the brave mother’s who gave birth to 2nd or more child. I am not discouraging others but it’s really takes guts and to be strong enough to brave all the pain which comes along with motherhood. It’s truly said, that when a child is born, a mother is also born along with it.  

Then whole time worried, that the child is not reaching his milestone activities which are mentioned in the books. It is an emotional journey for a parent to see the child grow normally and be proud of it.

And there is vaccination pain which the child has to endure for few minutes but the pain lingers in my heart and mind for a day or until the baby gives me the reassuring smile that he is alright.

All this I never shared with any one for a long time but now I am comfortable with it and I write it here as my comeback post.

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