Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Whats your favorite color ?

Friend : What’s your favorite color?
Moi : Hmmm Red, sometimes Black and sometimes blue also
I don’t know!!

Friend : You are always so confused but you know mine is Orange
Moi : why ?
Friend : Cos its bright and it looks lovely on me and all my dresses are of orange
color. And my favorite ice candy is orange color too.

Moi : And your favorite fruit must be orange too?

Well that’s a pointless discussion but I would like to know what’s your favorite color and why?

We see different shades of colors everyday
we feel them too sometimes
And some become a part of our life
But some days, it goes un-noticed too
And the day passes off just like a blur

And some days the shade is White
White, can I call it a color also?
Or white which makes me look like a ghost and rarely a fairy
Or the white, which is the sign of peace and tranquility

And some days the shade is Black
Black, the color of elegance, style and panache
But for some, black is not a color
It’s just an empty void.

And some days the shade is Red
Red, Bright and a beauty with style like a cherry
For some its the symbol of love
And for some the color of blood and loss

And some days, we don’t want to notice the shade
Shades, some colorful and some not so colorful
Whatever shade may be, we have the choice
We choose the color we want to paint our today and tomorrow.

And what if I say
Sometimes we don’t have a choice
Then what?
Colors will still remain the same
Only difference will be the perspective
And the same beautiful color
Will look ugly
So choose your colors wisely.


Americanising Desi said...


you had me move around in circles :)

moi said...

Lol ;)
what shld i make of this comment ?? hehehe ;)

RD said...

when did you get so wise missy??? :)

rohini said...

nice one...first tiem on your blog and liked the space...find time to visit mines: