Monday, October 10, 2011

Little Diary

Little diary,

Which knows

many secrets

Of Mine has become a friend.

Started as a habit of writing every night

And now turning out to be my strength,

And wealth in times of need.

It doesn’t even judge me,

No matter how dirty my secrets are!!

It just becomes a witness to all my pretty sins,

My short lived happiness,

And to my lost world.

It knows all in and out.

It’s a dangerous secret,

If misplaced in wrong hands

It could lead into disastrous situations.

Started as a hobby and now turning out to be a dangerous game

Little diary knows it ALL.

(Above Image  via flickr )


Cяystal said...

That's the thing about diaries. :D

Cяystal said...

aye, my Blog misses you!
and didn't you just make an update?

Americanising Desi said...

hence never ever kept a single diary :P


nicely written. Yes, a diary can be dangerous too - falling into the wrong hands

moi said...

@crystal: sorry for the late comments. and yes i do visit ur blog everytime u make a update.

@seher: I never kept a diary till now.

@vikram:Oh thanks a lot for dropping by and for ur comments. I feel honoured as you have become my mentor thru ur blog and its a good feeling,