Tuesday, September 13, 2011

While climbing

I climb the stairs with great difficulty, not that I am too old to climb this staircase. But thinking of the four floors which I have to climb and reach without an elevator makes me all the more tired and I stop at every floor to catch a breath. And sometimes while climbing I wonder if someone is observing me and laughing at me for getting tired so easily. And then I hope that sweetheart would lift me up and drop me home. I know it is tiring for him also but it’s a just passing thought. And yes while climbing I even peep at others house, to see what kind of people live here and sometimes to see the interiors of their house. Some people’s house are so good, it looks like crafted right out of a interior design book, but when you observe the exterior of this building, it looks old, dirty and ready to fall at a little mini earthquake of 1 richer scale. When I observe the ground floor lighting, I make a mental note that I would never buy a house in ground floor as it would be prone to all kind of attacks, what if rain water comes inside your room, or a stranger barges into your house or if some neighbors threw a waste from top floors. Glad that I don’t own a ground floor house, I move on to the first floor. Yay I finally managed one floor without getting tired and I admire all the rooms on that floor, because they are lucky to have houses in this floor. And I look for any girl or a woman, who can become my friend. But like the ground floor, no doors are open here and no one is outside. And I look up, counting, how many more floors remaining to reach my house. And then slowly breathing I reach the second floor. For a change, there are many shoes outside each house and I notice that one of the house owner is providing tutorial for drawing. So there are many small children’s in that house. I peep in that house, hoping to join the classes for learning drawing and I look at the teacher and smile and I dash off to the next floor by taking a heavy breath. And I feel overly restless and tired and hoping my house would shift one floor below, so that I don’t have to climb one extra floor. I stop here for a long time to catch my breath and start hoping for a miracle to take place. But such a thing never happens, and slowly I lift my legs to reach the final floor, the fourth floor, that’s where I live and I am completely breathless when I ring the bell. As the door opens, I run to my room and take a small nap under the fast fan to stop being breathless. And I start making mental note, that I would never buy a house in fourth floor.


Anonymous said...

lazy u are! take 2 steps at a time.. you can climb faster :P


Cяystal said...

Haha @ the reply above.
All for not taking a house on the fourth floor ..
Ask your neighbour to switch houses no.. That fat neighbour who needs to lose weight ;)


Hey, why don't you use the lift (If you are a "senior citizen" always get a house in a building with a lift)

Harsh said...

Try apparating directly into your room :D :P