Monday, August 1, 2011

Here is for another rainy day

Here is for another rainy day

Where in you would want to get wet by holding them near
And that someone wouldn't want to do the same.

Sometimes you miss someone so much
That you start fighting with them for no reason at all.

And sometimes you fight with them so much
That you wish that you had never met them at all.

Sometimes you want to be with the person 
Who loves you and thinks of you only the whole time

And when such a thing happens
You start looking for some one
Who thinks of things other than you.

Sometimes someone will love you so much
That you would find excuses and reasons to be away from them

And when you start realizing their worth
You would be left with only reasons and excuses.

And so the rainy day continues....


Jaky Astik said...

This is cool. Why don't you compose these songs and put them up on youtube or something..fabulous :)

by the way,..just watched Zindagin Na Milegi Dobara..fabulous movie..what say?

Anonymous said...

hey Ms. Writer,

Why is the poem sooo sad?

moi said...

@jay : thanks dear for suggestion
and thanks for adding me in ur blog list.

@anon : well i was feeling sad when i was writing it, so it came up like that. :)

Kalyan said...

nicely crafted lines...lovely words!